Walking foot - do i need one?

So this week I've been quite chuffed with myself, because I've mastered the use of not just one, but TWO of my presser feet.
To start, I busted out my new narrow hem foot, and did the hem on a Grainline Scout Woven Tee. The instructions that Bernina provides with this foot are woeful to say the least. If you think Burda instructions are the pits, look again, Bernina tops Burda for opacity. Yeah, hard to believe but true.
Thank God for the internet. I found this Youtube video which laid it all out for me. And the hem came out like a dream. (Actually, come to think of it, if it weren't for the internet I wouldn't be sewing at all. It's a godsend for lonesome sewists like me). And my narrow hem foot has become my new best friend.
Then...my daughter's school had a crackdown on skirt lengths, and she was told her skirt was too short. Yes, I suppose she has grown about 10cm since we bought her uniform skirts at the beginning of last year. At first I thought, great opportunity to get her hemming. Then I looked at how much hemming there was to do (the skirt features four deep box pleats)  thought, maybe I should try out the blindstitch foot. I'd tried it before and the result was an absolute mess. But on the back of the narrow hem triumph, I thought I'd give it a crack - my confidence was high.
Hooray, it worked out great. Another challenge conquered.
Which has got me thinking...a walking foot. Do I need one? Mother's Day is around the corner, should I ask for one as a present? Everyone who has mentioned walking feet on their blogs seems to swear by them. On the other hand, they cost $150.00 here in Australia. That's an awful lot of sewing to justify that investment.

So anyone out there? Do you have an opinion on walking feet? Let's have it! I'd really appreciate it!


  1. Woah, I love my walking foot, but $150! That's alot. Mine came with my machine but it's not fancy. I use it all the time but i probably wouldn't have bought it for $150. I'll have to check out that video for the narrow hemmer, because I haven't had success with mine. Hope there's a way to find a less pricey walking foot :)

  2. Goodness! $150.00. That's a lot, isn't it? I have a Pfaff with a built in walking foot which I use all the time. Love it! I have other machines that don't have a built in walking foot and I bought walking feet for them. They are okay but I don't think they would be worth $150, especially since when you have the non-built in foot, you can only use that foot and nothing else whereas the built in foot allows it to be used with other snap on feet. Hope that makes sense. Might be worth trying it at your local dealers to see if it makes enough of a difference to warrant the price. They are really helpful with things like sewing pattern matches.

  3. I love my walking foot - I use it for knits, for matching patterns, and for multiple layers of fabric and it improves my sewing greatly. Mine came with the machine too, but I have had good luck buying brand name feet from the USA on ebay for much, much less than the prices here.
    If you can't find it on ebay, you can probably find it here
    , but the shipping costs and service were both displeasing when I used it to buy my coverstitch binding attachment (but at 30% of the Australian cost I could put up with it!). Unfortunately the distribution system in Australia means that our retailers are paying more that the US retail cost to get these items in their shops $150 is fierce!.

    1. Thank you so much for that information, kbenco. I'm off to investigate. It does seem the walking foot is worth the effort.


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