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Making my mind up about Me Made May 13

After endless prevarications, I've finally decided to do Me Made May '13. I've enjoyed Me Made Mays in past, cheering from the sidelines. But now I have a blog, it's time to get involved.

For my first MMM, I'm going to make it easy on myself. And so...

"I, Paola, of La Sartora blog, do solemnly swear on my copy of the Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing, to wear at least one me made item per day in the month of May 2013".

Nice and simple! Clothes wise, this is doable, I think. The challenge will come in taking a photo every day, and more particularly, making sure I look presentable for the length of time it takes to get to take said photo.

I'm going to post every few days - every day just daunts me.

Let the fun begin! I'm off now to figure out how to connect the camera to the tripod.

Dangling threads

A few random sewing-linked thoughts today:
1. I thought I'd share this apron my mother gave me last week, made from fabric found in my grandmother's stash after she died. That pink is even more fluorescent than it looks!
Mum made four aprons - one for me and each of my sisters-in-law. We both regarded this fabric with some puzzlement. My nonna was an excellent seamstress (she taught herself to sew MEN's SHIRTS at age eight. Her own mother had died, and she was the seamstress of the house and  made shirts for her brothers.) She was always excellently, but modestly, turned out. She wore dresses and skirts exclusively, all of which she made herself, in muted navies, greys and browns. So how, then,  did this fluoro print pink get in the stash?
My bet is that someone gave it to her knowing she was a sewer, and she too, probably looked at it in puzzlement. Still, it's nice to have something made from something that belonged to her.

2. Sewing has been happening here. I'…

Sydney Stash Shopping

It's the school holidays here, and I've just come back from 5 days in Sydney. We stay with my parents, and the kids enjoy being thoroughly spoiled by the nonni and hanging out with their cousins. Meanwhile, I catch up with friends, and do things I don't get to do too often living where I do. This time around I went to the Archibald Prize exhibition (and scratched my head at the winner). And I managed to squeeze in a bit of fabric shopping. Naturally.
First I visited Pitt Trading, in Ramsgate. Before we made the tree/sea change move to the South Coast, I lived within walking distance of this store. In those days (about 13 years ago) it was in bigger premises, just up the road. And I remember it had a lot of spandex and dance fabrics. Now it is in smaller premises, and about a quarter of their floor space is given over to "vintage finds"- jewellery, manchester, laces, etc.
The fabric selection is not overwhelmingly large, but good. It is generally displayed in colo…

A Pair of Anita Ponti Pants

I really hoped the title of this post would be "A Pair of Pair of Anita Ponti Pants", because I have indeed made two pairs of these pants in the last week. This is the first pair, modelled by my daughter Amelia (she agreed to model the pants on the proviso her face was not involved. I'll work on her). These Ponti pants are not made in Ponti, but  a firm cotton knit I found at the Remnant Warehouse. This pattern went together very easily, as you would guess from a pair of stretch knit pants, with minimum fitting requirements. From go to whoa, 2 hours tops. Great, so on to the next pair I thought. I cut out the rather nice choc brown Ponti I got from Tessuti. This is the first time I've worked with Ponti. After basting them together to check the fit, I ran them through the overlocker to sew the outside seam....and the seam rippled. But rather than unpick do it again, I was in denial and I did the other one. Yep, shock, horror, case of rippling there too. Rather than …

Ghost of Burdas past - Part 2

I am going to a benefit night for the McGrath Foundation later this week. We are requested to wear pink. I don't go much for pink. I had to dig into the far reaches of my wardrobe to come up with this, my sole pink item of clothing. I thought I'd share this on the blog, because this item of clothing dates from 1986, and was made by my mother for me from an issue of Burda. This is a classic 1980s item of clothing, isn't it? Dropped shoulders, relaxed fit, and the hemline reminds me of the Japanese designer aesthetic that was around at the time. I remember liking this in the magazine, but not so much on me. I didn't wear it much, even then. It was so difficult to wear, as I never really figured out what to wear it with. It still survives in my wardrobe, because the stitching and construction is a testament to my mum's skills. I can't bear to  throw it out. The top is topstitched and edge stitched within an inch of its life. And there is not one wonky stitch an…

Burda 03-2013-128

Last year I gave up subscribing to Burda after they had published one too many sack dress patterns. I chucked away the subscription renewal notice in a huff. Still, I keep an eye on what they are doing, mostly through blogs and the Burdastyle site. I've even shelled out $16 for the odd magazine (and what about that, why is this magazine still $16 when the Aussie dollar is so strong? I want to know why!). And the last few issues have been interesting, so maybe I'll reconsider my subscriptionless status. Anyway. I have a scant 1 metre piece of silk jersey in the stash, and have been casting around for a pattern. I was thinking of chopping off Vogue 1250, and even had it out ready to trace, when I happened on this top on Burdastyle. I made it in a remnant I had from a long ago project. Not mad about the print, but it'll do. This is an easy make, once you figure out the cowl/armhole configuration. Reading the instructions made me none the wiser. I just winged it. It worked ok…