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Last year I gave up subscribing to Burda after they had published one too many sack dress patterns. I chucked away the subscription renewal notice in a huff. Still, I keep an eye on what they are doing, mostly through blogs and the Burdastyle site. I've even shelled out $16 for the odd magazine (and what about that, why is this magazine still $16 when the Aussie dollar is so strong? I want to know why!). And the last few issues have been interesting, so maybe I'll reconsider my subscriptionless status.
I have a scant 1 metre piece of silk jersey in the stash, and have been casting around for a pattern. I was thinking of chopping off Vogue 1250, and even had it out ready to trace, when I happened on this top on Burdastyle. I made it in a remnant I had from a long ago project. Not mad about the print, but it'll do.
This is an easy make, once you figure out the cowl/armhole configuration. Reading the instructions made me none the wiser. I just winged it. It worked ok.
But the ease! Boy! I don't associate Burda patterns with much hassle in the way of ease. This one had masses of it. Ok, I'll fess up and admit I didn't bother taking my measurements and maybe I have lost of bit of weight lately (go, me!) but not 10cm (4 inches). It does say "relaxed fit" but this was "so relaxed as to be comatose fit". Too much.
I left the length as is at 65cm, but I'm not happy with this as it hits me at my widest spot, so I'll retro adjust this soon.
Some of you may be wondering why I have sewn a polyester of some description in contravention of my self-imposed ban on polyester.Guilty as charged, but in my defence I find it is kind of hard to avoid polyester in knits. Maybe my strapline should read "No polyesters areknowingly harmed in the making of this blog, except perhaps for some knits". But it doesn't sound as snappy.
I might as well admit now that I've been down the polyester path recently, buying these two Ponti knits from Tessuti online. The chocolate brown one is destined to be a pair of Anita pants. The orange one - not so sure. The colour on the website was not as well, orange as it's turned out to be. I thought of making New Look 6000, but having seen it in all its saturated colour glory, I'm not so sure. That colour in a dress may be just too much for me. Maybe a jacket? 
 This is the first time I've order from Tessuti online, and the service was great. Love that the fabric came nicely wrapped with a bow, a card, and in pattern tissue paper. Nice touches.


  1. I make an exception for ponti too, especially from Tessuti. The April issue of Burda is pretty bad so at least you've saved some money there! I love a good cowl neck top, you were right to take out all that ease though, comfy is one thing but saggy baggy is another


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