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Me Made May 25, 26 and Sundry Sewing

OK, first to MMM. Gotta be honest...I'm hitting the wall, as you will tell from the photos..

May 25 Gee, I look peevish in this photo don't I? I don't know why, because although I am somewhat over MMM, it was my birthday! And I had a brilliant day, spent with my favourite people, eating my favourite foods (prawns and oysters  for lunch - yum) , enjoying magic weather, netball watching (Amelia's team won 35-7! Go girls!) getting some sewing done, with ample amounts of Prosecco and this in the mix ( I stopped sewing when the Prosecco came into play:) ): Coffee and Walnut Cake, from David Herbert's Best-Ever Baking Recipes, made for me by my son. It was dee-lish. Wearing: Top: Burda turtleneck circa October 2010, I think. Merino wool. Skirt: Simplicity 9825, black denim Vest : RTW. May 26 It's slob-out Sunday. I pulled the jumper out from a deep drawer today for the first time this winter, as you can see from the creases. It was the first thing I ever knitted for…

Me Made May - 21, 22, 23, 24

On the downhill run for Me Made May... May 21 A bit of a pike out from me I'm afraid. I was wearing Me-Made (honest!), but when I went to photograph myself in the morning, I found my battery had carked it. So I pulled out the battery pack and left it on charge for the day, except that  I hadn't. I didn't switch the power on. Doh! And by the time the battery charged up, I was well and truly in trackie-dak mode. Oh well.... May 22

Winter  has arrived this week. Hooray! I am more of a winter than summer person. I much prefer the cold to the heat, and I prefer wearing winter clothes to summer. (I'm sure if our winters were harsher than they are, this would not be the case) Somehow, burgundy, purple and orange don't suit summer wear. I don't know why.
The me-made item today was the skirt, which I made when I first started sewing for myself. I took two online classes on Pattern Review -Make a Skirt Muslin, and Build a Better Skirt. They were such great courses, and …

Me Made May - 17, 18, 19, 20

So, well over half way in this Me Made May caper. Some thoughts so far: Looking forward to getting dressed in the morning without thinking about the provenance of each and every outfit, although it hasn't been too onerous. I need to do some serious sewing for next summer. A lot of my summer clothes are looking a bit tired. Most of my skirts and pants could do with a stint in Alteration Casualty. I tend to make my clothes with a fair bit of ease as I like to be comfortable, and this is only exaggerated by a bit of weight loss. They are not looking good at the moment. I will not be letting the hairdresser who cut my hair a few weeks ago near my head again. She cut the back layers way too short, and it keeps popping up, as below (wind assisted, though). Just in time for Me Made May. Gah! May 17

Someone flicked the switch to winter, so my woollies finally get a run. An example of a skirt that could do with some taking in.

Top: RTW (can't remember brand)
Skirt: Self draf…

Made By Me - Colette Peony dress

We had an important family event over the weekend - my baby brother had an engagement party. (I call him my baby brother because he is 19 years younger than me. And yes, we have the same parents. There are three other brothers in between.)

Exciting times, and finally, an excuse to wear a nice dress. As you may have gathered from my Me Made May postings, my rural working mother lifestyle doesn't lend itself to a lot of dress wearing. Pants are generally the way to go for me.

Anyway. To the dress.

I bought the fabric, a wool crepe, in Sydney at Pitt Trading. Yep, it really is that red. Actually redder. You can't go past wool for saturated colour. My husband maintains I always wear brown. This is not true. I occasionally wear orange. Sometimes. But hey, brown doesn't show the dirt, which I am often shovelling.

After the pleasing results I had with the Colette Truffle dress for my daughter, I thought I'd give the Peony dress a try. It's been in my pattern stash since…

Me Made May - 14, 15, 16 and The Hundred Dresses

May 14

Even though the side seams on these Anita Ponti Pants are somewhat dodgy, I've still been wearing them in public. I need more comfy pants like these to get about in, so I ordered some more ponti from Tessuti. This time I'll remember to adjust the differential feed on the overlocker, though.


Top: Sewaholic Renfrew top, merino wool, pre-blog make.
Pants: Anita Ponti, Tessuti.
Jacket: Esprit

May 15 I quite like this combination, although it is somewhat costumey (and definitely dressier than what 98 per cent of people wear around here)  with the scarf and boots. Wearing: Dress: Simplicity 2246, Lisette Traveller Dress, blogged about here. Cardigan: Perri Cutten. It's blowing a gale out there, and I'm wincing in the face of winds that have a hint of snow on them. Maybe the local version of winter has arrived, after the longest run of above 20 degree temperatures in May ever. This fact has played havoc with my MMM plans, as I counted on being well into weari…

Me Made May - 11, 12, 13

May 11
Typical Saturday of running around, and netball watching. Amelia's team won 43-13, and Amelia scored four goals in the quarter she was in goal. Go Mim!

Top: Klimt t-shirt, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
Pants: Self drafted pants, in denim
Converse sneakers.

Mothers Day, May 12 I was visiting my mother in Sydney, and we had a big family lunch with my four brothers, 3 sisters-in-law, 1 sister-in-law (pending), 2 nieces, 5 nephews, mum, dad and my own children (my husband was in Brisbane visiting his own mother). And sundry dogs. My family's Italian, food is very important. That why I'm wearing this today: Wearing: Top: Sewaholic Renfrew, merino wool, pre-blog make. Dress: Vogue 1170, pre-blog make Leggings. With Cameron and Amelia. May 13

A day at home, doing yard work. Seriously, who wants to see another photo of me in what I call my "grot clothes". If you're interested, check out what I was wearing on May 5. That will give you a good idea!

Me Made May - 8, 9 & 10

Day 8
So MMM trundles on. I had to take this photo at the end of the day, hence the dishevelment.


Top: Burda 07-2008-108 in linen, the same pattern worn in the previous MMM post.
Pants: Self drafted
Cardi: RTW

If I like a pattern, I tend to make it at least twice, if you hadn't yet noticed.

Day 9 The 15 year old, Cameron is a handy swimmer. And so on Thursday we were up at the crack of the dawn, hightailing it to the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre for the NSW All Schools Swimming Championships. Wearing: Top: Basque Pants: Self drafted, as yesterday Also: Butter menthol necklace, Converse sneakers I also wore a denim jacket up in the car, but discarded it once inside the Centre. It gets hot in there. My boy is in the lane closest to the camera, off for his 50m backstroke. I'm so proud of all the work he puts in to get to swim at this level. Essential equipment for sitting for hours at swimming carnivals. Cushion cover Made By Me. May 10

Is it cool, is it hot? Morn…

Me Made May - 6 & 7

May 6 It got cold overnight, so today is my first day in boots for this year. Wearing: Blouse: Burda 09-2011-128, pre-blog Skirt: 01-2009-128, pre-blog Cardi: Perri Cutten This blouse was reviewed on The Slapdash Sewist recently. I can confirm everything Trena observed with making this blouse, especially it's length and the need for a centre back seam. There is a lot of pouffiness going on in the back, and a CB seam would help to address this. I might make this again in a drapier fabric, because this cotton pique is a bit too firm for this blouse. Still, not too bad. The skirt is a bit of a favourite, as you can see by it's faded condition. Another denim skirt is in order, I think.
May 7 A bet each way outfit today - it's sunny but brisk. Hence, linen jacket with pashmina scarf. Wearing: Top: Burda 07-2008-108, pre-blog make Jacket: Happy Homemade Vol. 1 Treasured Collection, Jacket J. Pants: Anita Ponti Pant, Tessuti

Made by Me - Colette Truffle dress

When I first bought the Colette Patterns book a while ago now, I thought the Truffle dress would be just the thing for my girl. Kind of grown up, but still pretty. Fortunately, she agreed. We have my youngest brother's, her uncle's, engagement party coming up, so here it is. Amelia chose the fabric on our recent trip to Cabramatta. Her priorities - look and feel. So she chose this drapey polyester. I tried to point out the downside of polyesters - ie. hot in summer, clammy in winter, holds stains, difficult to press etc. etc, but these cut no ice with her. She wanted a maroon dress, and this was the closest fabric she could find to what was in her mind's eye. This dress was a first for me on a few levels. The first fitted dress I'd made. The first dress I'd made for Amelia. The first Colette patterns make for me (apart from Sorbetto). I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out. The Colette instructions are as clear as they can be, so if you don't stra…

Me Made May - 4 & 5

May 4
The first round of my daughter's netball season, and I'm off to be a netball mum. For the first time in a few years, I am not performing any umpiring and/or coaching duties, so I look forward to  sharing my free, informed advice from the sidelines with all and sundry ;)

Top: Burda 03-2013-128 blogged here.
Cardi: RTW, Perri Cutten.
Pants: Dorothy Perkins, thrifted on eBay.

Daughter's team lost, but she won Player of the Week. Plus, she scored her first goals  in her first ever appearance in the Goal Shooter position (she has only ever played defence until now). See, my netball advice takes you places!

May 5
Talk about truth in blogging!
The weather has been magnificent today - mild, sunny and windless. Perfect day to get stuck into some overdue garden tasks: weeding, pruning, pulling out spent vegies, cleaning out chicken coops. Yep, the glamour doesn't stop here.

Top - Simplicity 4076. Pre-blog make, in fact one of the first things I ever made…

Me Made May - Eps 2 & 3

Day 2 of Me Made May, and I've learned how to use the self-timer function on the camera, and connect it to the tripod. Already, MMM is a life-enrichment exercise!


Top - Grainline Studio Woven Tee, blogged here. Cotton voile.
Skirt - Simplicity 9825, probably OOP. Pre-blog make. Black denim.
Cardi - RTW, Witchery.
Leggings - RTW.

This skirt was never a high-point in my fitting  skills - too big from the get-go. And I top-stitched the contour waistband, so alterations don't bear thinking about. The top-stitching on the centre front seam, hasn't been a total success either - it makes the seam stick out from the body, which just makes matters worse. Despite all that, I still wear it.

Day 3 of Me Made May. We've had what seems to be the world's longest summer - it was still up in the mid 20s until yesterday - but there was a bit of a chill in the air overnight.  I doubt this cotton voile top will make another appearance this month.

Top - Happy Homemade Vol. 1 …

Me Made May - Ep 1

Well, we are off to an auspicious start for MMM13 - taking photo and posting on the same day. Don't expect the same miracle for the rest of the month!

Top  - Burda 02-2008-123
Pants - Self drafted denim trousers

These pants are a bit of workhorse in my wardrobe. I don't wear jeans, but these pants fit the bill for jean occasions. They are in desperate need of alteration, as do all my pants. I've lost some weight recently, and all my pants are sitting low, causing the crotch to drop. Not attractive, but alterations aren't my favourite things to do, so I keep procrastinating.

Photographed with my tibouchina bush. Isn't it pretty?