Me Made May - 17, 18, 19, 20

So, well over half way in this Me Made May caper. Some thoughts so far:
  • Looking forward to getting dressed in the morning without thinking about the provenance of each and every outfit, although it hasn't been too onerous.
  • I need to do some serious sewing for next summer. A lot of my summer clothes are looking a bit tired.
  • Most of my skirts and pants could do with a stint in Alteration Casualty. I tend to make my clothes with a fair bit of ease as I like to be comfortable, and this is only exaggerated by a bit of weight loss. They are not looking good at the moment.
  • I will not be letting the hairdresser who cut my hair a few weeks ago near my head again. She cut the back layers way too short, and it keeps popping up, as below (wind assisted, though). Just in time for Me Made May. Gah!
May 17

Someone flicked the switch to winter, so my woollies finally get a run. An example of a skirt that could do with some taking in.

Top: RTW (can't remember brand)
Skirt: Self drafted, orange plaid wool. Pre-blog make.

May 18

Rubbish iPhone photo taken in low light at night, at my brother's engagement party.


Dress: Colette Patterns Peony dress, wool crepe. See previous post

My daughter is wearing Colette Patterns Truffle dress, see post here.

May 19

Most of the day was spent in grot clothes working around the yard, but I smartened myself up a bit to head into town for some supplies. And my hair pops up again! That hairdresser is definitely sacked!


Top: Burda 02-2008-123, pre blog make.
Jacket: Lululemon.
Pants: Dorothy Perkins.

May 20
Another woolly plaid skirt. And this time my hair is behaving itself.
Shirt: Line 7.
Jumper: Von Troska.
Skirt: Burda 01-2009-108. pre- blog make.


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