Me Made May 25, 26 and Sundry Sewing

OK, first to MMM. Gotta be honest...I'm hitting the wall, as you will tell from the photos..

May 25
Gee, I look peevish in this photo don't I? I don't know why, because although I am somewhat over MMM, it was my birthday! And I had a brilliant day, spent with my favourite people, eating my favourite foods (prawns and oysters  for lunch - yum) , enjoying magic weather, netball watching (Amelia's team won 35-7! Go girls!) getting some sewing done, with ample amounts of Prosecco and this in the mix ( I stopped sewing when the Prosecco came into play:) ):
Coffee and Walnut Cake, from David Herbert's Best-Ever Baking Recipes, made for me by my son. It was dee-lish.
Top: Burda turtleneck circa October 2010, I think. Merino wool.
Skirt: Simplicity 9825, black denim
Vest : RTW.
May 26
It's slob-out Sunday. I pulled the jumper out from a deep drawer today for the first time this winter, as you can see from the creases. It was the first thing I ever knitted for myself. Too big, but I don't mind wearing it to slob out at home.
Jumper- Tunic style jumper in Patons Inca.
Pants: Anita Ponti
Scarf - Tiffanu Peony scarf
And now to some actual sewing.
The beginning of the month saw summer like temperatures, and participating in MMM reinforced to me what I already knew. I needed to address the summer t-shirt situation.
I'm heading to the northern hemisphere later this week, which gave me the impetus to get stuck in straight away. So I got these made in a production line:
Simplicity 4076 at left and two Sewaholic Renfrews
I was really pleased to get the white fabric. I was searching high and low all summer for white cotton knit for t-shirts and couldn't for the life of me find any. I found some finally on the Tessuti website about 2 weeks ago, and stocked up. When I checked it over the weekend, it was no longer there, so obviously, quite a few people were in the market for t-shirt weight cotton knit. It is a really nice weight too. Very happy. The red knit is a bit weightier. I got this from The Fabric Store about 6 months ago.
Then I went on to make another pair of Anita Ponti Pants. Judging how often I've been wearing my dodgy-seamed brown ones, I thought this would be a good thing. And I wanted something for 29 hours trans-sitting on planes and the like.
Just as I was putting the needle up on these four makes, I had a flash of sewers inspiration. I don't know how, I don't know where it came from, but suddenly it occurred to me that a knit I had in deep fabric stash would be great with the Style Arc Ollie Tunic in deep pattern stash, and be useful on the trip. So I cut it out on Saturday afternoon at 4pm, and had finished it by dinner. I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. It will be a good piece for layering.
Blending in with the background! Style Arc Ollie and Anita Ponti Pants. I got the fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics quite a while ago.
Not a lot to say about this pattern. It was the first Style Arc pattern I've sewed, and it was a little different with it's one-size only, minimal instructions and 1cm seam allowances. The ease on this pattern was spot-on too.
So quite a bit of knit sewing this week. I started out sewing with knits, and enjoy the quick results. I always used to follow the standard advice to switch to a jersey or ball point needle and sew with a stretch stitch when sewing knits. That is, until I went shopping for my current machine. I had a swatch of knit fabric with me to try out, but the saleslady told me she never used stretch stitch, and never changed her needle - she just used a straight stitch and universal needle. I was a bit wary, but thought I'd give it a try. She was right. It works fine. Even better, actually, because I find unpicking straight stitches in knits less of  a trial than unpicking stretch stitches.
So now I'm off to pack. I had a nice streamlined fifteen piece wardrobe sorted to take with me in anticipation of summer.  I was quite smug about my packing achievement, but the news from where I'm headed is that they had 4C over the weekend and they've had a fire raging. So I've had to add warmth into the mix, mostly in the form of my merino knits, and a pair of long johns. Hopefully I won't be wearing these the whole time.


  1. Happy birthday, and hope you have a great trip. I love the fabric you've used for the Style Arc top, fingers crossed you get to wear it!

    1. Thanks, Kristy. I hope the weather warms up over there, too..


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