Me Made May - 6 & 7

May 6
It got cold overnight, so today is my first day in boots for this year.
Blouse: Burda 09-2011-128, pre-blog
Skirt: 01-2009-128, pre-blog
Cardi: Perri Cutten
This blouse was reviewed on The Slapdash Sewist recently. I can confirm everything Trena observed with making this blouse, especially it's length and the need for a centre back seam. There is a lot of pouffiness going on in the back, and a CB seam would help to address this. I might make this again in a drapier fabric, because this cotton pique is a bit too firm for this blouse. Still, not too bad.
The skirt is a bit of a favourite, as you can see by it's faded condition. Another denim skirt is in order, I think.

May 7
A bet each way outfit today - it's sunny but brisk. Hence, linen jacket with pashmina scarf.
Top: Burda 07-2008-108, pre-blog make
Jacket: Happy Homemade Vol. 1 Treasured Collection, Jacket J.
Pants: Anita Ponti Pant, Tessuti


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