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Burdastyle 130-09-2012

Since returning from my trip, I've been easing myself back into sewing. First up, this top from September 2012 Burda for my daughter. This is a one-and-a-half dot rated pattern - the sort of pattern where you blink, and there you have a top. So yesterday, I sat down to sew this, and before I knew it, I'd finished. Unfortunately, Amelia declared the top "way long" and also "too floppy". So it u-turned immediately to the alterations pile, and for once I altered it immediately, taking 6 inches off the length and about 2 inches in total in width.
Memo to self - check the fit before finishing hems and seams, especially with regard to daughter.
I made it in some sort of nylon/wool blend I found at Pitt Trading. The ruching on the sleeves is achieved by sewing elastic onto the seam allowances. There was similar ruching on one side of the the body itself, but that was sacrificed in order to get the desired length overall.  Despite appearances, the daughter is quit…

Stash shopping - Fratelli Bassetti Tessuti

So I am back from my trip to Italy. It was a bit of a whirlwind really, lots of fun, as Italy is, and I happily got a chance to check out Fratelli Bassetti Tessuti - Bassetti Brothers Fabrics - in Rome on the last day.
Entering the store through the door between the two motorbikes in the photo, you go up to the first floor. The store is a rabbit warren of adjoining rooms (7 or 8 or more?? I lost count ) with really high ceilings, packed with fabrics. I mean packed. Each room was more or less devoted to one natural fibre, so there was a room of wools, linens, silks and cottons with other rooms devoted to home dec and evening fabrics. Even though the store itself had a whiff of the 50s about it, the fabrics were unmistakeably high-end. If the names on the ends of the bolts - Missoni, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace and any other Italian designer you care to name - didn't tip you off, the prices give a fair indication.
Being used to Anglophone stores where you are more or less free to po…