Burdastyle 130-09-2012

Since returning from my trip, I've been easing myself back into sewing. First up, this top from September 2012 Burda for my daughter. This is a one-and-a-half dot rated pattern - the sort of pattern where you blink, and there you have a top. So yesterday, I sat down to sew this, and before I knew it, I'd finished. Unfortunately, Amelia declared the top "way long" and also "too floppy". So it u-turned immediately to the alterations pile, and for once I altered it immediately, taking 6 inches off the length and about 2 inches in total in width.
Memo to self - check the fit before finishing hems and seams, especially with regard to daughter.
I made it in some sort of nylon/wool blend I found at Pitt Trading. The ruching on the sleeves is achieved by sewing elastic onto the seam allowances. There was similar ruching on one side of the the body itself, but that was sacrificed in order to get the desired length overall.  Despite appearances, the daughter is quite happy with the final result.
Apart from that the alterations pile has finally attracted some of my attention. Yep, alterations. Yep, my eyes are glazing over too. I have about half a dozen garments in that pile, that probably require hmm..probably an hours' attention each. But that pile remains because I can't muster up the enthusiasm for alterations, and only do them when needs must.
For example, winter has set in , and I really wanted to wear the lovely warm moleskin pants I made last year. But those pants were about 2 sizes too big, so I sat down and took the pants in at centre back (is it possible to become more swaybacked? I'm guessing yes) and took the opportunity to slim down the legs a tad. Well, those alterations took me almost as long to do as make a pair of pants from scratch, by the time I unpicked waistbands, hems and seams, and sewed and finished them all again. If it weren't for the lovely moleskin, I wouldn't have bothered. But I'm glad I did as I now have some wearable, warm pants again.
And then the 15 year old plaintively drew my attention to his school trousers. When he notices they are too short, they're too short. So the hems on his trousers had to come down too.

So now this housekeeping sewing is out of the way, I'm planning on sewing some workhorse basics in the coming weeks. Me Made May kind of fizzled out at the end for me, but by the time I'd finished up I knew my wardrobe was crying out for stuff like denim skirts and button up shirts, maybe a jacket. You know, stuff I actually wear on a day to day basis. Stay tuned.


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