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MBM - Kwik Sew 2175 - the dreaded Onesie

In the last few months, surely the world's most ridiculous garment, the Onesie, has become ubiquitous around these parts. (If you don't know what a Onesie is, think baby romper on steroids. Worn by adults. Frequently in animal guises, with tails, ears etc. For adults. Not fancy dress. Yep, ridiculous).

So the Onesie has been the topic of frequent conversations lately between myself and the resident teenagers . The teenagers have worked hard to convince me of the general awesomeness of the Onesie. I scoff. Of course, the point of these conversations is to point out to  me that the purchase of a Onesie each would be a sane decision. My reply has been thus:
1) for a start, seeing as they seem to spend all winter in shorts and t-shirts, they do not seem to need warm clothing. Therefore there is no point in having a Onesie in their wardrobe.
2) they look ridiculous, because
3) they are ridiculous.

However. As they say, events conspired.

Firstly, my daughter was invited to a birthd…

MBM - Ottobre Autumn/Winter 2010 - Bonnie Skirt

Me Made May brought home to me that my beloved Burda 1-2009 denim skirt had seen better days. It was time to replace, because one of the unwritten rules of my wardrobe is that it must always contain at least one denim skirt.

My neighbour brought me back a German issue of Ottobre magazine in 2010 from a trip she made to Frankfurt, and I've been wanting to make the Bonnie skirt ever since. It has jean skirt styling, apart inverted box pleats in back and front which gives it width around the hemline, hence walking ease. It looked just the ticket to me.

My issue of Ottobre is in German. I have virtually NO German, except for useful words like schnitzel, bier and strudel (guess what I ate almost exclusively during a week in Austria many years ago?) , and that fantastic word schadenfreude. So I ditched the instructions and used construction order for a pair of basic pants.

And now, dear readers, for the first time ever on La Sartora, some construction shots..

First, reinforcing the po…

MBM - Colette Patterns Peony, LBD version

At the close of the last post I wrote about my intention to get on and make useful basics, stuff that I wear day-in day-out. I was thinking denim skirt, button up shirts, wool pants.

After I  made  myself a Colette Peony back in May,  I made a mental note to make myself a black version eventually. As I was packing away the pattern a little over a week ago, though, it occurred to me that I would save a heck of a lot of time if I just got on and did it straightaway. So that is what I did. And, I suppose an LBD is the ultimate useful basic, isn't it?

This is made in a fine wool gabardine that I got for an amazing price on sale at Pitt Trading, only $7.50 a metre. Buy of the year, so far.

I simplified the make by omitting the neckline piping, and the satin bias binding on the waist and armhole seams that I did on the first version. This one is completely unadorned. The only change I made was to convert the gathers on the skirts to pleats, and move them to line up with the front wais…