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MBM - Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck Tee, and lost in muslins

Gads, it's been a  frustrating few weeks in the sewing room around here. It's been productive, but unproductive, if you know what I mean. I have two competing events demanding my sewing attention - an upcoming high school reunion, and a trip at the end of September to Vietnam and Cambodia. And I've been lost in muslins trying to get myself organised.
First, I thought I'd muslin the Colette Laurel pattern, with the idea of cooking up some kind of colour blocked version for the reunion, using the fabric left over from my two Peonies. So I muslined it. I don't know if it was because I muslined it in Spotlight Trace and Toile (I'm thinking it's their version of Swedish Tracing Paper, maybe) or because I added a good six inches to the length to bring it to my knee, but as soon as I put on the muslin, I realised I had arrived in frumpytown. The trace and toile does not drape at all so it added width, width, width. The high neckline did not look good. And I was h…

Meet the Stash

It started out as a mere wish to rid my sewing room of the fluff outfall of making two onesies. It ended up by being a wholesale sewing room clean-out, including dragging out and reorganising the stash.

This is my stash, organised by colour. If you had asked me before I did this, I would have said my stash was small. Well, although it is not a huge stash, it is by no means as small as I had imagined.

So what do we have? Quite a lot of reds, oranges and pinks. A sizeable amount of beige, taupe and brown. Hardly any blues, besides some denim. Greens that I've had in the stash since I started sewing and really should sew. More whites and creams than I thought. One purple. Next to no black and  no grey, and given I like it so much, it is surprising I have no yellows at all.

The stash is very short on knits at the moment. And blouse weights. And yellow. I need yellow in my life.  So these are the holes I'd like to plug in the coming months.

I put the stash back into it's four p…

MBM - Kwik Sew 2175 - Onesies, continued

So we go from the ridiculous in the previous post to the ludicrous. Introducing my 6'1" 15 year old son in his Mum-Made onesie, the first item of clothing I have made for him since he was about 18 months old. And apart from the dimensions, not all that different.
He chose the fabric. Unlike his sister, he didn't have a problem with animal prints. If was ready for him in time to take to his friend's place when he stayed there the other night.

In yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald,  this article about onesie-mania appeared (I'd link to it, but the SMH now has a paywall). In the writer's opinion, "onesies scream social equity. They might eradicate dignity, but they also eradicate status. They're gender neutral (Quite. I used  a "Misses" pattern to make my son's onesie. I won't tell him if you don't), comfortable, practical and inexpensive." Mmm. Maybe. To me, they're is something a bit squirmy about adults, even young …