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MBM - Burda 2561, Red Linen Blouse

Last week, I suddenly decided that what my wardrobe lacked was simple, semi fitted button-up (or button-down, if you are from the US) shirts. And because I could, I decided to make one there and then. I used Burda 2561. I notice on Pattern Review this pattern has been around since 2002. I bought this pattern in 2008, but it has languished in the stash. Nearly 2014, and Spotlight today I noticed this pattern is still in the catalogue, albeit with new photos. Why not? It is a simple blouse, with a self facing buttonhole placket, a simple collar and no cuffs to worry about. Straightforward and classic as it gets, I reckon it would be a pretty good starting point if you have a penchant for fiddling around with patternmaking. I'm pretty happy with the fit I achieved on this blouse. I did a 1cm FBA  after I had relocated the bust darts. I also added a centre back seam to help with the back fit. I added width to the sleeves around the biceps, and as usual cut this sleeve on the bias. I …

MBM - Self drafted pants...and it rains!

How old is the coloured pants trend? Two, maybe three years? You might call me late adopter,  but I reckon I'm so behind on this one that I could be considered an "innovator" for the next time this trend comes around. At least that's what I tell myself...

You would think that possession of a pants sloper would absolve you from all worries to do with pants fit forever. You would be wrong. So it was with these pants.
I made these pants using my sloper prior to going on our holiday. I'd even muslined them, because the sloper was getting on for four years old and I was experimenting with a slimmer leg width.
Once I got round to sewing, everything went ticketty-boo. I even made my first welt pocket on this project, and was mightily pleased with it.

Yes, as I came to complete these, I was one happy sewist. I'd used a length of cotton sateen I bought from Tessuti long ago, so it ticked the stashbust box. It went with a lot of my existing tops (I'm wearing it h…

MBM - StyleARC Billie Top

In my pattern book stash, I have a few Japanese pattern books, including the first volume of Drape Drape. Despite being attracted to the draping aesthetic, I haven't ventured to make anything from Drape Drape. This is mainly because I'm too lazy to get my head around grading the unusual pattern pieces. Sadly, the largest size in this book is too small for me. So the StyleARC Billie top interested me because it combined the drapey look with my size. The blurb from StyleARC says you will be intrigued by this pattern. That's true. It has one pattern piece, apart from facings, and only two seams at the right shoulder, and down the right side. The left hand side drapes around your body, with a hole formed for the left armhole. There is nothing difficult about putting this pattern together, although you need to carefully note where you need to make your seams. I'm guessing a few mistakes could be made here. The only thing I'm not crazy about are the facings. I'm not…

Fabric shopping - Vietnam and Cambodia

Yes, it's been a while...
Since the last instalment I've:
Made another muslin for a dress to wear to my school reunion, Vogue 8805.Gotten sick with a knock-me-down, drag-me-out flu. Days in bed. I can't remember spending days in bed for illness, ever. And then about two weeks of feeling less than great.Failed to make Vogue 8805 for the school reunion, on account of item (2) above. I did go to the reunion, despite fighting off the flu, and I wore my black Peony dress instead (funnily I estimate about 50% of attendees went the little black dress route too!)Prepared to go on holiday. For some strange reason, around here this means not only packing, stopping mail, last minute arrangements etc but doing odd jobs and garden chores, that have been put off like, forever. Went on holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia. We had a more-than-excellent time.In amongst the items above, I got a bit of sewing done, but because of all the above, haven't got around to photographing and blogging …