MBM - Self drafted pants...and it rains!

How old is the coloured pants trend? Two, maybe three years? You might call me late adopter,  but I reckon I'm so behind on this one that I could be considered an "innovator" for the next time this trend comes around. At least that's what I tell myself...

You would think that possession of a pants sloper would absolve you from all worries to do with pants fit forever. You would be wrong. So it was with these pants.
I made these pants using my sloper prior to going on our holiday. I'd even muslined them, because the sloper was getting on for four years old and I was experimenting with a slimmer leg width.
Once I got round to sewing, everything went ticketty-boo. I even made my first welt pocket on this project, and was mightily pleased with it.

Yes, as I came to complete these, I was one happy sewist. I'd used a length of cotton sateen I bought from Tessuti long ago, so it ticked the stashbust box. It went with a lot of my existing tops (I'm wearing it here with my Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck Tee). And I thought it fit well. High fives to me!
That was until I took it on our recent holiday. These pants, which looked the goods, after being worn for 20 minutes or so, stretched alarmingly, so that my waistline slunk down to my hips and I was dragging my hems. Not a good look, and totally unwearable. They got relegated to the bottom of the suitcase. Annoying.
On return, I contemplated unpicking the whole thing and taking in all the seams. The thing is, though, I wasn't convinced this was the answer because I had a feeling this fabric would always stretch somewhat. What to do?
Elementary - elastic. Yes, I know! A  half elastic waistband! Frumpsville! But I gotta tell you, inserting elastic into the back waistband  was the answer in this case. It keeps the waistband where it's meant to be, and because I never wear my tops tucked in no one is any the wiser.
Side view...and why am I smiling? It is raining, people. Since being cut off by floods at the end of June we have had not a teaspoon, drop or skerrick of rain. It's been scarily dry.The last few days has seen us shrouded in smoke haze from bushfires 50 kilometres away. Being as we are surrounded by bush, the next few days' forecast of hot, dry winds had me a bit worried. But the welcome, lovely rain is here! I only hope that the Blue Mountain-ites get some of this too, although it doesn't sound that is likely. Thoughts out to them over the next little while.


  1. Great pants. And half elastic waist? Genius!

  2. I love the colour of your pants, I don't think it's too late to get in on this trend at all! The last pair of pants I made stretched out terribly too, only it wasn't just the waistband but the backside too which looked terrible so I ditched them altogether. Just another reason why making pants are so hard!

  3. I think they look cute on you. Hey if you can fix them to make "you" happy;
    then you have just scored! I do like the color.
    I just hopped over from Kristy's blog Lower Your Presser Foot.


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