MBM - Fabrics of Happiness edition

Not everything I sew makes it on to this blog.

First up, the disasters don't make it. Fortunately, these don't occur as frequently as they used to.
Second, Í haven't posted home dec projects because they haven't seemed that interesting.
Another category is clothes for my daughter. Sometimes she is amenable to having photos taken, sometimes not. I don't force the issue. After all, it's not her choice to have her photos in the blogosphere wearing clothes made by her mum. Funnily enough, exchanging photos on Instagram with her friends is never a problem.
Lastly, there are patterns that are pretty basic to begin with. In this category is the Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck Tee and the Grainline Studio Scout Woven Tee. Both involve a back, front and sleeves. Basic. I can't find that much of interest to say about them. But here are my latest versions, included on the blog just because the fabrics make me happy.

First up, the Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck Tee

I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I've worn my previous versions of this tee but orange and white stripes! Bingo! I can't help but smile when I put this on.

And another Scout Woven Tee..

I love to hate my local Spotlight, mainly because I think Spotlight treats my local store as a dumping ground for it's least attractive fabrics. But, I have to admit, occasionally there are some pearls in the dross, like this floral cotton voile. I love purple and green together. Another bingo.


  1. Orange and white stripes look fabulous on you. No wonder you are smiling. I made a Scout Tee too this weekend. I'm still adjusting the fit, my first effort looked like a maternity garment. Did you need to make any fit adjustments? Love the fabric you used for this one too. Both tops look great on you.

    1. Hi Jean - yes I had to make a few fit adjustments on the Scout Tee. I did an FBA on the front using the Sandra Betzina "pop" FBA technique, so I didn't end up with a dart. I also lengthened the shoulder line. In the back, I made a 2cm swayback adjustment. And I added width to the sleeves. Not a pattern piece remained untouched!


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