MBM - Vogue 1357, Rachel Comey skirt

A few months ago, I hauled out this avocado green sateen from the stash, which I liked so much when I bought it from Tessuti that  I bought it not just once, but twice.
I wish I  hadn't banished this fabric to the stash for so long. I made the first length into a pair of pants, blogged here. I've found this colour green so useful with just about all my tops, that I was keen to crack on with a skirt.
Last month, Spotlight had the $5 sale on Vogues. This to my knowledge has never happened before, so yep, I stocked up on Vogue patterns, including this one, Vogue 1357. I bought Rachel Comey design for the skirt. I thought the top might be nice for my daughter, but when I showed it to she gave me a look that said "Why do you think I would ever wear anything remotely like that?" Let's just say our tastes  in what makes a desirable garment for a teenager is very different. I took the hint. Maybe one day.
I like this skirt mainly for the yoke. I like yoked skirts, because they give the illusion that my waist is longer than it is. I'm fairly tall, but all my length in the torso is below my waist. I also don't mind an A-line, and this skirt with the front inverted pleat changed things up a little.
One of the features of this pattern that isn't immediately obvious in either the tech drawing or the pattern picture is that the yoke isn't cut straight. It curves in the rear over the bottom, and in front curves under the tummy.
The net result is that the intersecting seams on the side don't intersect at 90 degree angles. The yoke angles down to the front. This is fine, but for the instruction to construct the side seams with French seams. I tried, twice, to get the intersection perfect using French seams. It didn't work. Other reviewers on Pattern Review reported that the intersecting seams didn't match up, and I'm wondering if that was because they made French seams as instructed. Anyway, I ripped out the French seams and did a normal ol' seam. Much easier to match up in this case. And the skirt is lined, so you don't even see it from the inside anyway.
Apart from that, the skirt is easy to construct. I did away with the waistband. And I didn't use an invisible zip, mainly because I mistakenly picked up an ordinary dress zip in my rush trip through Spotlight, so I made a lapped zip instead. It's been so long since I've inserted a lapped zip, it was good to revise old techniques!
BTW I'm wearing this with a pre-blog make, Burda 2008-06-105. This is a great little pattern. I'll probably make this up again, because this blouse is looking a little worse for wear


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