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MBM - A Very Stripey Sewaholic Renfrew T-shirt

Last year sometime I bought 2 metres each of black-and-white stripe and orange-and-white stripe knit from Pitt Trading in Ramsgate. I made a Mandy Boat Neck tee in both, which left me with maddening remnants just shy of a metre. You know, too big to chuck, too small to do much with. I have made the Sewaholic Renfrew multiple times now, mostly in pre-blog days, and it's become a TNT. I've made a couple colour-block versions of this pattern, as the cuffs, neckline and waistband all lend themselves to remnant use. I thought I'd try out the Renfrew with my stripey knit remnants. I was prepared for a failure, as I wasn't sure that using the stripe on the vertical  for the bands would work, but I decided I was prepared to risk it. A few posts ago, I was moaning about the fact that despite the Renfrew being a TNT, that the front was much longer than the back - 4 cm longer. Yep, tried but not too trustworthy it seems. I've analysed my pattern pieces, and I'm still no …

MBM - Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee

The first entry in the La Sartora Book of Sewing Proverbs is "T-shirts maketh the wardrobe, therefore maketh t-shirts". (The second entry is "Weareth shoes in the sewing room lest thou be stabbed in the foot with a pin". That's all. The LSBSP is a short book).

The pattern

Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee

Why this pattern?

It's a t-shirt (see above). It needs less than a metre of fabric. It's quick. It's free as a download when you subscribe to the Maria Denmark newsletter.

The fabric

A viscose/lycra remnant from a long-ago project that has been simmering in deep stash for a number of years.

Fit notes

I cut a medium according to my high bust measurement. There aren't any finished garment measurements, but the pattern notes it is designed with negative ease. On measuring, I estimated the finished bust measurement to be 2 cm less than the bust measurement. So I did a 4cm FBA using Sandra Betzina's "pop" technique from her book Fast Fit (…

And the Wrap Dress patterns go to...

No, I haven't forgotten. Just unexpectedly away from the computer for a few days.

The recipients of the wrap dress patterns are...

Vogue 8379 - Kristy of lower your presser foot, you were the only one to put your hand up for this one, so it's all yours.

My daughter conducted the draw for the other patterns.

Kwik Sew 3489 - Nicole of The Somnolent Dachshund

Colette Crepe - Mel or Te Araroa,

Kristy, Nicole and Mel, drop me a line with your postal details at greengrow at live dot com dot au, and I will pop the patterns in the mail.

St Vincent de Paul lucked out.

Happy Australia Day, everyone.

Don't you hate it when...

Although the last couple of projects have gone pretty well here at La Sartora, it's not all sweetness and light in the sewing room. Oh no. Occasionally there are a few bad words muttered under the breath, usually for small but very annoying things. For example, don't you hate it when....

1.       You pull out a pattern to get your head around finally making it up and the guidesheet is missing. I hate that. I've been gearing up to make up Simplicity 1882, and the guidesheet has gone AWOL.

I frequently read guidesheets for the fun of it - maybe weird, but I'm sure I'm not alone - but this one didn't make it back into the pattern envelope. Arrgh. I'm pretty sure I could make this up without one, but this is an Amazing Fit pattern, and I was kind of interested in reading the directions on fit. That won't be happening.

2.      For some mysterious reason, the pattern pieces on a TNT don't  match up. I cut out a Sewaholic Renfrew top using my oft-used alte…

Wrap dress pattern giveaway

In my last post, I recounted my sad and sorry history with making wrap dresses. That is, until I made the Style Arc Kate dress.
Just because I made a hash of three different wrap dress patterns, doesn't mean YOU will. In fact, I am sure nearly anyone who has sewn before would do a much better job on any of these than I did. And so, in my neverending quest to declutter this house, I am giving away these patterns to anyone who expresses an interest in any of them.
To recap, I have:

Vogue 8379
This is one of Pattern Review's dresses of 2007, 2008 and a Hall of Fame dresses for 2009, with 118 reviews all told. Wow. My pattern is in sizes 8-14, which was my problem. I should have got sizes 16-18.

Next up, Kwik Sew 3489:
Not as popular, but still a nice pattern, and not a heck of a lot different to the Vogue. There are some great examples on Pattern Review. I note some reviewers had the same issue as me in finding the dress ran big. Kwik Sew Sizes XS - XL.

Lastly, Colette Cr…

MBM - StyleARC Kate Wrap Dress

Continuing a series of dresses on La Sartora.

The Pattern

StyleArc Kate, released in 2010 (I think) as a homage to Kate Middleton's engagement announcement dress (although it wasn't a wrap).

So why this pattern?

Ah, the Wrap Dress, my long-time nemesis. I've never had much luck with Wrap Dresses.
First, in the very early days of my sewing career I tried out the popular Vogue 8379. At this stage there were a lot on unknown unknowns to me, and one of them was fit. Who knew that 14 RTW did not equate to 14 in Vogue? Not me, but I soon found out. Cut too small, and nothing I could do about it. Next...
Kwik Sew 3489. Too big this time. The fabric I used didn't have much stretch, and I cut it too large anyway. It just seemed too difficult to fix, so I binned it. A pity because the print was great. Next...
Colette Crepe, a back wrap dress. This only got to muslin stage. Apart from the mammoth fit issues on the muslin, I had a palm-to-forehead moment. Why did I ever think that t…

MBM - Maria Denmark Edith Dress

Let's kick off the blog for 2014 with a happy sewing experience, shall we?

The pattern

Maria Denmark Edith

So why this one?

I had this fabric lined up first in the queue to make into a shirtdress, but was prevaricating over the pattern. I wasn't sold on any particular one. Then some idle blog surfing brought this pattern to my attention, and my mind was made up in minutes. It's a classic design. Would look good in a variety of fabrics. You can dress it up or dress it down.  It has darts, but lacks a waist seam, which I've decided is not my ideal.


Cotton lawn (I think) I bought at the Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City.

Fit notes

This was my first Maria Denmark pattern, so this was a bit of unknown territory fit-wise.
I cut the pattern according to my high bust measurement, and did a 2cm FBA, but could have done a little more.I dropped the side bust dart about 3cm, and shortened the top of the front contour dart. I also moved the front contour dart about 2cm close…