Don't you hate it when...

Although the last couple of projects have gone pretty well here at La Sartora, it's not all sweetness and light in the sewing room. Oh no. Occasionally there are a few bad words muttered under the breath, usually for small but very annoying things. For example, don't you hate it when....

1.       You pull out a pattern to get your head around finally making it up and the guidesheet is missing. I hate that. I've been gearing up to make up Simplicity 1882, and the guidesheet has gone AWOL.

I frequently read guidesheets for the fun of it - maybe weird, but I'm sure I'm not alone - but this one didn't make it back into the pattern envelope. Arrgh. I'm pretty sure I could make this up without one, but this is an Amazing Fit pattern, and I was kind of interested in reading the directions on fit. That won't be happening.

2.      For some mysterious reason, the pattern pieces on a TNT don't  match up. I cut out a Sewaholic Renfrew top using my oft-used altered pieces, and the front is a good 4cm longer than the back. This is the first time this has happened using these pieces. I have absolutely no idea why I have this problem now. Very annoying.

3.     The 100m Gutermann thread spools jam on your twin needle spool holder, so you have to wind a bobbin with thread in order to twin needle. Small issue, but this gives me a major case of the irrits every time I twin needle (not an issue though with the bigger spools).

Ah, that venting makes me feel better.
Do you have any recurring sewing room annoyances? Feel free to vent here!


  1. Oh, I feel your pain with the thread issue. Mine isn't quite the same, but does relate to twin needle sewing. When I did my stretch-sewing course many years ago, I bought the recommended thread (Coats Drima). It has never been anything but problematic with my twin needle set up. Other threads don't always behave so badly (some do), but it's always a moment of trepidation when I pull out those two spools - and you might ask why I still have them if they're such a problem and after so many years, but that's precisely why: because I'm too apprehensive to use them!! - even if, as often happens, they're the best colour match for the fabric I'm using.

    Otherwise, I think it's just my lack of organisation that creates my frustrations, that and a certain lack of space. I like to have things where I can reach them, but if they're there, they're probably in the way of other things. Swings and roundabouts.

    I hope you're able to find an online guidesheet for the Simplicity 1882, it looks like something that would be enjoyable to make.

  2. Felicity - that Coats Drima thread dilemma is so funny - still having them because using them fills you with trepidation.
    I think organisation, or lack of, could be a factor in the loss of the 1882 guidesheet, I'm sorry to say.

  3. We all have those annoyances - I hate it when I can't find a seam ripper even though I have 4 because I keep losing them!

  4. I bought a Claire Schaeffer patter just to read her couture directions for a jacket. My sewing room annoyance are my daughters rifling through my ribbons etc and never putting things back ! Even though I have reminded them a few times ( and then told not to nag !) perhaps I should go into their rooms and do the same- wonder if that would work.

  5. I have the instructions for S1882 as a pdf, would you like me to send it to you? What is your email?

    1. Sorry, I forgot to add, please send me an email on and I'll reply to you with the file


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