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MBM - Liesl + Co Weekend Getaway Blouse

The pattern - Liesl + Co Weekend Getaway Blouse. There is also a dress version of this pattern. A pdf download (and how much am I growing to love the pdf download?) here. The fabric - Appropriately enough, these two co-ordinating cotton voiles were part of the Lisette range that came out at Spotlight a few years ago. The selvages have them dated as 2010, so another stash busting sew. Hooray! This photograph shows the two patterns much better: This fabric goes nicely with the Maria Denmark Yasmin Yoke Skirt from two posts ago. Fit notes - I cut for my high bust measurement, and did an FBA using the instructions supplied in the pattern, which are slightly different to other methods of doing the FBA. I was happy with the result. And I dropped the bust dart (which you can barely make out). I didn't adjust the length, which had me kicking myself, but as it happened, didn't need it after all. This is the first Liesl + Co pattern I've attempted, and was impressed by the sensible am…

I Kidnapped a Bernina

So I kidnapped my mother's 35 year old Bernina 807 Minimatic. It had been sitting in a cupboard at her place for over ten years. It seemed a sacrilege not to. The back story to the kidnapping is a bit convoluted, but it goes like this: my sewing space in this place is in a loft built into the roof of our house. I love my sewing space - it's light, has great views of the garden and countryside around here, is out of the way, so I never feel like I have to tidy up if we have company. The one big drawback is that in summer it gets hot up there. If we are having a day above about 30C (an we've had lot of those this year), I have to be up there and out by about 11am, otherwise forget it. It becomes a sauna. Which of course, severely limits my sewing time, as I do most of my sewing after midday. My solution has been to decamp to the dining room downstairs in summer. This is adequate but not ideal. I rather be up in the loft - everything is up there, so I find myself traipsing u…

MBM - Maria Denmark Yasmin Yoke Skirt

After a run of knit sewing, back to the more predictable world of sewing with wovens. . The pattern - Maria Denmark Yasmin Yoke Skirt, a pdf download you can find here. Why this pattern? - If I had to nominate my ultimate basic skirt style, this would be it: a slight A-line, with yoke and curved pockets. Summer, winter, casual, more dressed up - this is a skirt for every occasion! The fabric - A lovely cotton I bought at Tessuti quite a while ago now. I have a pair of pants in this fabric, and had just enough left over for this skirt. Fit notes - Well I cut a straight 42 for this skirt, with 2.5cm side seams for fit insurance, but I didn't need it. I added 9cm to the length to bring it over my knee, a standard alteration for me. Design changes - Er, I topstitched the pocket edges. Does this count? Construction changes - How many times have I made skirts and pants with this basic shape? Quite a few, now. I didn't follow the instructions, but a quick read through tells me they are …

MBM- A Closet Case Files Bombshell

Well, here is something the younger version of me would have run a mile from - having a photo taken in a swimming costume. Forget about putting it on the internet (even if it had been invented). But one of the best things about getting older is that you get to a point where you just don't care anymore, so here it is....

The pattern

Closet Case Files Bombshell

Why this pattern?

I really liked the Bombshell when it came out in the past northern summer, but not anticipating that I would need a new swimsuit anytime soon, I filed it into the "maybe one day file".
Three things brought this pattern to the top of the list:
1. A very hot summer, when I seem to have lived in my swimsuit at times. Now looking a bit tired.
2. A bit of shopping reminded me how elusive swimmers with coverage are, and the ones that I could find were really not to my taste. Not to mention the price of these things. We are talking well over $100.
3. Finding this nice bit of  vaguely vintage-y swimsuit lyc…