MBM - Maria Denmark Yasmin Yoke Skirt

After a run of knit sewing, back to the more predictable world of sewing with wovens.
The pattern - Maria Denmark Yasmin Yoke Skirt, a pdf download you can find here.
Why this pattern? - If I had to nominate my ultimate basic skirt style, this would be it: a slight A-line, with yoke and curved pockets. Summer, winter, casual, more dressed up - this is a skirt for every occasion!
The fabric - A lovely cotton I bought at Tessuti quite a while ago now. I have a pair of pants in this fabric, and had just enough left over for this skirt.
Fit notes - Well I cut a straight 42 for this skirt, with 2.5cm side seams for fit insurance, but I didn't need it. I added 9cm to the length to bring it over my knee, a standard alteration for me.
Design changes - Er, I topstitched the pocket edges. Does this count?
Construction changes - How many times have I made skirts and pants with this basic shape? Quite a few, now. I didn't follow the instructions, but a quick read through tells me they are sound!
High fives to me for - No high fives for this one. Just executing a fairly basic pattern here.
What was I thinking moments - None, thankfully.
Anything to change next time - This is the type of basic I will always have in my wardrobe, whatever else is going on in fashion.  The only thing I would change is to slightly redraft the pocket openings, to allow for my ridiculously large hands. They are just a trifle small for me.
I always enjoy pictures of contrasting facings and pocket linings. Here are mine:

The fabric is a remnant from my Edith dress. I think this is a really good match.

Tangential Observations:

The photographer today, my daughter, told me as she was taking photos "you look like Julia Child", as depicted in "Julie and Julia", our mutual favourite girly movie. Mmmm. I'll choose to take that as a complement!

This project continues a couple of projects that involve fabrics (apart from the Bombshell swimsuit fabric) that have been in deep stash for a while now. Happy to finally give them an airing, though sad that this is the end of this cotton. Oh well, there's plenty more fish in that sea.

Lastly, although I've shown you how this skirt looks with my top tucked in, this is how I'll be wearing it in real life, with shirt out because I never tuck in my tops. Which kind of limits my choices in pants and skirts, as most of the detail on these garments is usually around the waist. Oh well.
Update - thought I'd share that the Bombshell has had a few swims now, and is up to the task. Don't think I'll take it for a swim in the surf though. I can just imagine sand in those gathers, and a possible subsequent wardrobe malfunction, if you get my drift.


  1. Wonderful skirt and staples are a necessary part of our wardrobe.

    1. That is true - and a lot of the Maria Denmark patterns are excellent staple wardrobe pieces.


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