MBM - Maria Denmark Edith, Version 2

My favourite make of the last few months has been hands down, the Maria Denmark Edith dress, posted here. I knew it would be a favourite, and I always intended to make another. So I thought I would squeeze this make in now, in time to enter the Pattern Review Maria Denmark giveaway.
The other dress was all about the sweet print. This version I see more as a layering piece to be worn over the next few months of autumn with cardigans, and perhaps with boots and tights when the weather turns (as much as it turns around here).
This is the last of 5 metres of this beautiful drapey cotton I bought at Tessuti a while ago. More stash busting! It looks like chambray, but feels much more luxurious. I read on someone's blog recently (and if it was your blog,  I do apologise for having this brain fade and not crediting you), that if you like a fabric buy five metres of the stuff, and really enjoy it. When I saw this, I knew how useful it would be, and bought the five. Kudos to me.
The buttons were scavenged from one of the makes with this fabric, the Lisette Traveler shirtdress, reviewed here on Pattern Review in pre-blog days. I never really wore this anywhere near as much as I thought I would, and I think it was all down to the shape. The Traveler is pretty shapeless, and really needs a belt. I find belt-wearing problematic - none of them ever look right to me. So it has languished at the back of the wardrobe. Now it is buttonless, I think I'll try and refashion it somehow, so I can enjoy the fabric more.
I made no changes to fit or construction with making this, but I did employ two new-to-me handy tips that I've picked up around the traps recently. The first was from a recent Coletterie newsletter - using soap scraps (you know, when the soap has almost disappeared into a sliver) as a marking tool. Hallelujah! My life has changed - how nifty is soap? I don't know if I am alone in this, but I've always found tailor's chalk pretty hopeless for marking (and believe me, I tried a few) and those Japanese marking pens always disappear too quickly, I find. So I mostly make tailor tacks, to mark darts etc. Boring. But soap is the go- it marks really clearly and doesn't rub off straight away, but when you want it gone, it's easy to get rid of. Try it.
The other tip was one from Angela Wolf in a recent edition of Threads. She advises to get rid of stitch marks in fabric after you have unpicked something, wrap your finger in calico (muslin) and rub the stitch marks in a circular motion to "rub them out". I had to restitch a dart, which left marks, but employing this has rendered the marks almost invisible.

Final remarks:
- I do believe I am channelling Miss Lynch, Year 4 1975, in this get-up.
-Is there any way to wear a bandanna scarf that doesn't make you feel like a complete dork? Please share!


  1. Miss Lynch clearly had timeless taste. I really like both of your Edith dresses - please feel free to remind me I wrote then when spring comes around & I'm looking for a shirt dress ;) Best wishes for the pattern review contest/giveaway - and I love that Dash is in your Traveller dress shot!

    1. I thought Miss Lynch was my style icon when I was 9 years old, so I am quite happy to channel her. And that Dash - he is, as they say, my constant companion.

    2. I think she sounds like an awesome sartorial role model ;) And I totally get the constant companion part - Mac moves rooms with me, just settles into repose in whatever space I'm in…
      I do hope you don't mind, but I have nominated you a Liebster if you're interested. http://dreamingdashie.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/awards-and-giveaways-more-reasons-to-be.html

    3. Oh thank for the nomination! I'll have to go away and do some homework now...

  2. I really like this dress - and your other version of it - they look stylish and flattering, but also comfortable. The bandanna looks good too - a little pop of colour. Miss Lynch would be proud!

    1. I hope Miss Lynch would be proud - she really rocked the bandanna scarf!

  3. I really like this dress with the bandanna - I've been searching for chambray in this shade and cannot find it anywhere (probably because you've snaffled it all up!)

  4. When I go to Tessuti, I always look out for a fabric like this, but no luck so far. Very elusive!

  5. Your shirtmaker dress is very stylish and love the colour!


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