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Wrapping up Me Made May

Before I get onto the last post for Me Made May, just a thank you to everyone who chimed in with comments on my zipper issue. I've checked out the Zipperstop website, and will be placing an order soon, not only for the Minoru jacket, but some other zipper-front jacket patterns that I have in the stash. Beats me why my google searching didn't throw up this site in the first place, it looks great.

Anyway, on to Me Made May 2014.

 Sunday May 25 - my birthday today! Still warm  so dressed up to go out to lunch with my family and parents wearing Vogue 8805 in linen. I've worn this dress a few times now, and it is only on wearing that I realise that the neckline is a smidge too high at centre front. Am I the only one who picks up on this sort of stuff after a few wears? Can I be bothered to unpick the neckline binding and re-cut the neckline a bit lower? We'll see...
 Monday May 26 - I'm smiling in this photo, but don't know why because I woke up this morning experie…

Trouble finding zippers

So I have the Sewaholic Minoru jacket around the top of my "to sew" list at the moment. If you are one what I imagine is the few people unaware of the Minoru jacket pattern in sewblogland, this is it:
This is what I've gathered to make the Minoru: a very nice baby wale cord (or maybe velveteen. I can't decide which it is), what I think is stretch charmeuse as the lining and the 30" zip required. Happy with the fabrics, but that zip doesn't sit quite right with me. It's the best option I can come up with at the local Spotlight. I was hoping for a brass zip, but couldn't find one anywhere  near  long enough. And the closest acceptable colour I can find in nylon is this brown...not good.

So I've  done the next obvious thing and trawled the net looking for zips, and haven't come up with much. The closest I've found is from the Zipper Shipper website, but not close enough for me to warrant the extra $$$ it will cost. I'm asking the sewing…

MBM - Maria Denmark Olivia Oversized Tee

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about the comprehensive hash I made of sewing up a straightforward tee, the Maria Denmark Olivia Oversized Tee. The problems did not stem from the pattern itself, I hasten to add. The problems were totally Me-Made (in keeping with the them of the month): a willing blindness in ignoring the fact that the stripey fabric I was using was way off grain, compounded by cutting the waistband way too short. Now is the the time to redeem myself..

The Olivia is not unlike the Sewaholic Renfrew in that all the edges are finished with bands. This is the short sleeved version of the pattern. There is another view with three-quarter sleeves. The advantage over the Renfrew is that there are no sleeves to deal with, so it sews up even faster. I sewed a size 40 at the bust, grading out to a 42 at the hip. I did not make my customary FBA, and it doesn't seem to need one. It's called an Oversized Tee, but I would call it more a relaxed fit tee. There is a nice amou…

Me Made May 14 - May 18 to 24

Time for another instalment of Me Made May 14: This week saw the continuation of our Endless Summer. It started on August 30 last year (ostensibly our winter) with a 30C day, and still it drags on. Today it was 26C, again! Looking at the corresponding weeks in 2013, I was well into tights, boots, scarves  merino wool Renfrews and coats by now. And though the weather is perfect at the moment with glorious days and cool crisp nights, I'm really looking forward to a few months of winter, I tell you. Bring it on! This week also saw my work throw up some curly ones - I needed to wear exercise gear for work on not one, but two days, Tuesday and Thursday. I don't have any Me Made exercise gear at the moment. So I edited my pledge to at least one Me Made item per day to one Me Made item per day on average.

Sunday May 18. Most of the day in gardening grunge gear, but I did tidy myself up and look presentable to attend a local Community Forum Meeting in the afternoon. Wearing Maria Den…

MBM - Colette Patterns Mabel skirt

When Colette Patterns released the Mabel  pattern a month or so ago, my thoughts were "Straight skirt in a knit. Move on." Not much there to interest me, but then I bought a remnant of digital Ponti knit fabric during my flying visit to Tessuti a little while ago, and the pattern became a lot more interesting, as I could really only get a straight skirt out of the remnant.
Still I debated buying the pattern. I have a skirt sloper and how easy would it be to adapt? In the end, I bought the pattern because 1) I'm too lazy to do even the small amount of patternmaking that would entail and 2) my daughter expressed mild interest in making the pattern as a first sewing project. 2) especially sold me. But first, of course, I had to give the pattern a try...

There is not much to say about this skirt. It is a straight skirt with a contoured waistband. The pattern has three variations. It's drafted short with the Colette Patterns target market in mind. I'm happy to acknow…

Me Made May - May 10 to 17

This week we pass the halfway mark for Me Made May. Before I launch into the photos for this week, some remarks: Firstly, like a lot of Me Made May-ers, the greatest impost is not so much wearing me-made stuff, but is on getting photos taken. This week has been a little bit crazy, and I've resorted to iPhone-in-the- bathroom -mirror a few times. The results aren't great. Sorry about that. Secondly, Me Made May is often a catalyst to get creative with our Me Made stuff. Not for me, and I'd like to explain. I'm enjoying my new-ish job very much, and while there is no uniform as such, my choice pretty much boils down to wearing jeans and t-shirts, and variations thereof. Believe me, anything dressier does not work. And while it isn't forbidden, we are strongly discouraged from wearing accessories like jewellery and scarves for safety reasons. Even watches and wedding rings, but I ignore that one. So if you are thinking my outfits are a bit same-y, yes they are, and t…

Me Made May - Day 4 to 9

Ok, time for another instalment of Me Made May 2014.

Sorry in advance for the indoor iPhone photos - not good!

May 4 - chilly Sunday. Took Dash for a walk around the local monthly market. Wearing self drafted denim trousers, Simplicity 2063 in merino layered under the jacket.

May 5 - ah yes, the glamour never stops at Casa La Sartora. Aldi shopping after work. There's a Renfrew in white cotton knit under that jacket. Honest. May 6 - no photo today. All my photographers leave home at 5.30am on Tuesdays and Fridays to go swimming training. I went to work, but don't know my colleagues well enough yet to ask them to take photos of me without explanation. And I went home from work via my yoga class, so I was in yoga gear when I got home. I wore my black-and-white stripe Mandy tee-shirt today. Again, you'll have to trust me.
May 7 - home from work. Self drafted denim trousers again, with Burda 2561, and my favourite necklace.

May 8 - did not work in the paid workforce today, bu…

MBM - Tessuti Silva Shirt Jacket

After the frustrations of the Gabriola skirt, and the comedy of errors that was my experience with the Olivia Oversized Tee, finally (all self inflicted issues mind you)... I've brought a project to a conclusion with a minimum of drama. (Well, there has been a bit of drama. More on that later).

This is the recently released Tessuti Silva Shirt Jacket, made in Wainscot Vintage Wash Linen in Moss, also from Tessuti. I purchased the fabric in the Christmas online sale, with the intention of finally making a jacket from Burda February 2009. I've been wanting to make this jacket ever since 2009.

I saw the Silva pattern and changed my mind. I don't think I'll ever get around to making that Burda jacket.

I cut a size 12 based on my high bust measurement of 92cm. Measuring the pattern, I estimated that the ease at full bust to be about 15cm on me. I muslined the pattern, and while I reckon I could have gotten away with not doing one, I made a small FBA, mostly on the basis tha…

Catching up with Me Made May 14

I intended to sign up for Me Made May 14 all along, but you know, April just got away from me. Yeah, excuses, I'm full of ém! Never mind, here's the pledge:

I, Paola of La Sartora, sign up as a participant in Me Made May. I endeavour to wear at least one me made item a day for the duration of May 2014.
And here I am, with three photos from the first three days. So let the fun begin...
May 1: At Shoalhaven Heads Beach NSW, near the surf club, wearing Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck Tee.
May 2: My other Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck Tee, self drafted pants. And I've been to the hairdresser.
May 3: Holey moley, the weather switch has flicked to winter in a major way in the last 24 hours. Off to watch my daughter play netball wearing Tessuti Anita Ponti Pant. Last year I listed my RTW items as well. This year I'm not going to bother. If I don't mention it, it's RTW. I'll probably make my me made posts on the weekend. See you then!