Me Made May - Day 4 to 9

Ok, time for another instalment of Me Made May 2014.

Sorry in advance for the indoor iPhone photos - not good!

May 4 - chilly Sunday. Took Dash for a walk around the local monthly market. Wearing self drafted denim trousers, Simplicity 2063 in merino layered under the jacket.

May 5 - ah yes, the glamour never stops at Casa La Sartora. Aldi shopping after work. There's a Renfrew in white cotton knit under that jacket. Honest.
May 6 - no photo today. All my photographers leave home at 5.30am on Tuesdays and Fridays to go swimming training. I went to work, but don't know my colleagues well enough yet to ask them to take photos of me without explanation. And I went home from work via my yoga class, so I was in yoga gear when I got home. I wore my black-and-white stripe Mandy tee-shirt today. Again, you'll have to trust me.

May 7 - home from work. Self drafted denim trousers again, with Burda 2561, and my favourite necklace.

May 8 - did not work in the paid workforce today, but home late anyway after doing the after school sport merry-go-round. Self drafted trousers in a state of late-in-the-day dishevelment.

May 9 - on Fridays I do volunteer companion work with a young disabled woman. Today I wore my  Mandy stripy tee, and Ottobre  Autumn/Winter 2010 Bonnie denim skirt. And orange tights. I love orange.

Some things to note:
Pants - yes, I wear them a lot. My work pretty much rules out skirt wearing, and in winter I tend to wear pants a lot more anyway. I need more of them.

Stripey tees - Considering how much I wear my Mandy tees, I need to invest some time in sewing a few more stripey tee shirts.

Jean jacket - I've just calculated that my jean jacket is going on for 12 years old, and is starting to look its age. Maybe time to make one. (And if you haven't seen this lovely floral denim jean jacket on Sew, Jean Margaret, go check it out now)


  1. Great garments, they all work very well in your week. Oh wow that floral jean jacket is amazing, would you make a floral or plain?

    1. Thanks Sharon. As for the jacket, I'd probably go plain, but the floral is just so pretty - decisions!

  2. Dash is looking magnificent! You & your wardrobe are looking lovely as well, the orange is great - I do like orange ;) I also look forward to seeing a new denim jacket in your future, it is great to have long term well loved items.
    I've been living in knit tops as well, with leggings and Moss skirts - a casual jacket is next on my sewing 'need' (and my wrap dress just needs finishing!!)

    1. Dash is looking pretty fierce in this photo. I call this his "stand and deliver" pose - he has just seen another dog, and is on alert in case he needs to deliver a nip on the ear. Jeez, dachshunds can be feisty!
      Look forward to seeing the wrap dress especially soon :)

  3. Thanks for giving us a peek into your busy week Paola. Great effort wearing your "me made" garments. And thanks for the mention in your post. Hopefully I might get to wear my floral denim jacket over the weekend.

    1. No worries - I think both your Stacie jean jackets are great.


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