Me Made May - May 10 to 17

This week we pass the halfway mark for Me Made May.
Before I launch into the photos for this week, some remarks:
Firstly, like a lot of Me Made May-ers, the greatest impost is not so much wearing me-made stuff, but is on getting photos taken. This week has been a little bit crazy, and I've resorted to iPhone-in-the- bathroom -mirror a few times. The results aren't great. Sorry about that.
Secondly, Me Made May is often a catalyst to get creative with our Me Made stuff. Not for me, and I'd like to explain. I'm enjoying my new-ish job very much, and while there is no uniform as such, my choice pretty much boils down to wearing jeans and t-shirts, and variations thereof. Believe me, anything dressier does not work. And while it isn't forbidden, we are strongly discouraged from wearing accessories like jewellery and scarves for safety reasons. Even watches and wedding rings, but I ignore that one. So if you are thinking my outfits are a bit same-y, yes they are, and that is why!

Saturday May 10 - at netball again, wearing my stripey Renfrew. The girls won!
Mothers Day, May 11. Showing off my Mother's Day present from my children, a new handbag. And I'm wearing Simplicity 2603 cardi in merino with Simplicity 4076 white t-shirt.

May 12 - Off to work in Tessuti Silva Shirt Jacket, with Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee.

May 13 - Work day, and there's that stripey Renfrew again. I love that t-shirt.
 May 14 - Work today. Did not get organised to take even a dodgy iPhone photo. Wore my denim trousers again, with this Grainline Studio Scout Woven Tee.

"Don't you know? Dachshunds don't do "obedience"?"
May 15 - the first day of two day's training which included a self defence component. We were instructed to wear comfy clothes we could move in. Wearing Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck Tee and Anita Ponti Pant, with my other Simplicity 2603 cardi.

May 16 - Second day's training. Wearing my other Anita Ponti Pant with Liesl + Co Weekend Getaway Blouse.
May 17  - another Saturday, another day at the netball. We have been experiencing a long period of unusually warm weather, peaking today with 26C! 26C I tell you, so I got another chance to wear my favourite dress, Maria Denmark Edith. That denim jacket wasn't worn for long. The girls won again, 16-8. They are having a great season!
And lastly, the view from my sewing machine 6:25am on Friday morning, the moon setting over the ridge opposite our house. It's not often I'm up in the sewing room at that time on a weekday. The moon set was just beautiful. Unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice but I thought I'd share it anyway.
Have a great week, whether you are Me Made May-ing, or not.


  1. Your outfits look perfect for an active work day. I love your Edith.
    I understand the fashion limitations of job requirements - I am so boring wearing trousers and a woven blouse with no accessories every day - but that is what is needed for my work. You've done a great job of mixing up the jeans and tops variations.

  2. Love your floral Edith dress with the denim jacket. I have found MMM great for identifying gaps in my wardrobe. Looks like you have good reason to sew up a heap of renfrews. There can be so many need not be boring.

  3. Nothing wrong with wearing what we need to for work and all your outfits look great. Agree the renfrews are a great base, just like I use the KS3740 to make up a heap of t-shirts that use different fabric.

  4. A great wardrobe happening there even with work code limitations.


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