Trouble finding zippers

So I have the Sewaholic Minoru jacket around the top of my "to sew" list at the moment. If you are one what I imagine is the few people unaware of the Minoru jacket pattern in sewblogland, this is it:

This is what I've gathered to make the Minoru: a very nice baby wale cord (or maybe velveteen. I can't decide which it is), what I think is stretch charmeuse as the lining and the 30" zip required. Happy with the fabrics, but that zip doesn't sit quite right with me. It's the best option I can come up with at the local Spotlight. I was hoping for a brass zip, but couldn't find one anywhere  near  long enough. And the closest acceptable colour I can find in nylon is this brown...not good.

So I've  done the next obvious thing and trawled the net looking for zips, and haven't come up with much. The closest I've found is from the Zipper Shipper website, but not close enough for me to warrant the extra $$$ it will cost.
I'm asking the sewing Brains Trust out you have a website that you think might  be useful for zips? I'll investigate any suggestions.
Or, should I just start again, put aside this fabric for some other project, but on the second go round buy the zip first then buy the fabric to match.

Any input would be appreciated!


  1. Finding decent zippers here in Australia is nearly impossible! The zips seem to vary in each Spotlight store and they are so pricey. The ladies from the sewing guild swear by Zipperstop for their online buys - they supply ykk zips and ones with specialty tape too.

  2. Yes Kristy has pointed you in the right direction with Zipperstop. I used them for my Minoru and quite a few other projects. You can email me the Gutterman thread colour that you would like the zipper in, and I will see if I can match that to the Zipperstop Zipper chart that I (and some other bloggers have shared ownership of).

  3. I've had good luck with both Zipperstop and Can't wait to see your finished Minoru!

  4. Thank you ladies...Zipperstop it is, and thanks for the tip on too. Sharon, I'll be in touch after I've been thread shopping this weekend.
    Valerie, thanks for reminding me about Lincraft. I tend to forget that it exists, because there isn't one anywhere near where I am on the south coast, and when I'm in Sydney I tend to go for other options. I must remember to seek one out one day and see what they have to offer.

  5. Good luck with your zipper search Paola. Sorry I have no valuable advice to offer. I am looking forward to seeing your completed Minoru.

  6. I recommend zipperstop too - I'm a bit late! Their shipping is very reasonable too, if you only order a few zips. I am particularly fond of their heavier antique brass zips.


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