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Rerun - Grainline Scout Woven Tee, in batik

Even though I should be cracking on with a wedding guest outfit, my Liesl + Co Girl Friday culottes have caused me to veer off the planned course in the quest of tops to go with them. That, and the fact that I’d recently purchased a remnant of batik that I was itching to make up. I love ethnic prints and the colour of this batik was perfect for the culottes.

This is a rerun of the Grainline classic Scout Woven Tee. I’ve made two I’ve written about before here and here.
The batik was a sizeable remnant. I probably could have squeezed some sleeves out of the remnant too, but decided to go with contrast sleeves. The sleeves are from the dregs of a lovely drapey cotton chambray I’ve used here, here and here. I only have shards of this fabric left, but am holding on to them. Even as shards, it is too nice to toss. There is not much to say about the Scout that I haven’t already said. As the sewing blog world well knows, it’s a great basic, and I’m pretty happy with the fit I’ve developed…

MBM - Liesl +Co Girl Friday Culottes

It is not normal for me to see a new pattern, purchase it, and clear the sewing queue to make it immediately. But this is what I did with Liesl + Co Girl Friday Culottes pattern recently released. It was with a start that I realised that I last owned a pair of culottes, pretty similar to these, 25 years ago.  I loved those culottes. I wore them to the office. I wore them on the weekend. I wore them on the first date with my husband on December 2, 1989. I loved how the fullness  looked  feminine , but I could also do stuff in them, like run for the bus and sit on the grass in Hyde Park (Sydney) in the sun at lunchtime. Ah, yes, I still have a soft spot for culottes which I didn’t realise I had until I saw this pattern. So, this is a nostalgia make, big time. This is my second Liesl + Co make and I have to say (not counting a Lisette Traveler dress) I am impressed with their draft and the instructions. 


Culottes, gotta love ém, you can do this in them:

Getting on a horse –…

MBM - Named Clothing Cameron Flare Pants

My plans in July were to make a pant suit by the end of August. Didn't make that deadline, sadly.  Still managed to complete the pant suit a few weeks ago, the blogging has taken a while, yes!
The pattern I chose was Named Clothing Cameron Flare Pants, because my fabric, a wool/rayon blend, has a lot of drape, and I was looking for a pattern to show this off.

Named Clothing Cameron Flare Pants, with dachshund on patrol
Same pants, this time dachshund is on sentry duty
This was my first foray into working with Named Clothing.  As a newcomer to Named Clothing patterns, here are some things you might find useful to know: This pattern (and from what I can gather reading reviews of other Named Patterns their other patterns) is drafted for a height of 5’8” (I am 5’9”). Instead of adding 7cm as normal, I only added 2.5cm length, and could probably have gotten away with not adding length at all, as the pattern is designed to be worn with “Sky high heels”.1cm seam allowances used throughout. …