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MBM - Liesl + Co Bento Tee

After making the Liesl + Co Girl Friday culottes I was in need of tops to go with them. First, I made a Grainline Scout Woven Tee in batik . And now I’ve made another Liesl  + Co pattern, the recently released Bento tee. I didn’t put much creative thought into fabric selection for this one. Here’s my tee:

Here’s the Liesl + Co pattern photograph:

Spot the difference! Not a lot. Bloggers will recognise this fabric as the Tessuti Jaywalk fabric from their competition earlier this year. That fabric went everywhere, didn’t it? And why not? A good quality knit in classic stripe for a great price. You can’t go wrong. I bought four metres and wish I'd bought more. Anyway, this stripe is made for this design. I cut according to my bust measurement on this, and didn’t do an FBA as is normal. There was plenty of ease there to accommodate my bust. I graded out at size for my waist and hip. I also didn’t lengthen, which is what I usually do.

With the Girl Friday culottes
The tee is a bit diff…

A bit of a book review - Gertie Sews Vintage Casual

The other day I saw Gretchen Hirsch’s new book “Gertie Sews Vintage Casual” (GSVC)  in the window of my local craft shop, Sew and Tell. And well, as is often the case with sewing books, I had to buy it even though I’m not that into vintage. Well, my reasoning is that I need to make sure Sew and Tell knows there is a market for these books locally, so they keep stocking I can buy them. This is purely selfless, I’m doing the local sewing community a service. Seriously. “Gertie Sews Vintage Casual” (GSVC) has the same, format, look and structure as the Gertie’s first book “Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing” (GNNBS) . A spiral bound book, in two parts. The first part focuses on inspiration, fabric information, and skills. GSVC has a chapter on knits, as there are three knit patterns in this volume. The second part covers the patterns: eight in all, with instructions on how to vary your pattern to achieve different looks. Here’s a rundown of what you get for your money, pattern…

MBM - Sewaholic Patterns Yaletown, the blouse version

This is a wearable muslin for a dress I had in mind for wedding guest wear. More on that later. First
to the pattern.

This is the latest pattern from Sewaholic. It is a faux wrap dress, with elastic waist, flutter sleeves and tie belt.
I liked the soft silhouette, great for a garden wedding I thought. And I do enjoy a flutter sleeve (I used to work with a boss who never  “liked” something. He always “enjoyed” it. This unusual example of English usage has lodged itself into my brain, and resurfaces every so often, even after 17 years). The fabric is a silk/cotton blend I bought in Cabramatta a long time ago. It was cheap, from what I remember. It’s been sitting in the stash, because I was never quite sure how to wear that pink-and-red print. Anyway, it’s cheapness makes it a perfect wearable muslin candidate. I cut an 8 at bust, grading to a 12 at waist and hip. I did a 1” FBA, using the Sandra Betzina “pop” technique which does away with the resulting dart from more usual FBA method…