MBM - Liesl + Co Bento Tee

After making the Liesl + Co Girl Friday culottes I was in need of tops to go with them. First, I made a Grainline Scout Woven Tee in batik . And now I’ve made another Liesl  + Co pattern, the recently released Bento tee.
I didn’t put much creative thought into fabric selection for this one. Here’s my tee:

Here’s the Liesl + Co pattern photograph:

Spot the difference! Not a lot.
Bloggers will recognise this fabric as the Tessuti Jaywalk fabric from their competition earlier this year. That fabric went everywhere, didn’t it? And why not? A good quality knit in classic stripe for a great price. You can’t go wrong. I bought four metres and wish I'd bought more.
Anyway, this stripe is made for this design.
I cut according to my bust measurement on this, and didn’t do an FBA as is normal. There was plenty of ease there to accommodate my bust. I graded out at size for my waist and hip. I also didn’t lengthen, which is what I usually do.

With the Girl Friday culottes

The tee is a bit different in the little pockets which remind me of the pockets on  the Vogue 1247 skirt. They were easy to do. I interfaced the fold, but am still getting pocket droop there. That doesn’t bother me. You might want to put a bit of twill tape on the fold to beef it up if it bothers you.
Overall, this is an easy sew. I like how this is described as a box tee, but it's not overly boxy. This pattern also has a long sleeve for a more of a sweatshirt look – I think I’ll start looking for some suitable fabric to make this version.

And lastly, have a look at my new brooch. Nic featured an Erstwilder dachshund brooch  on her blog a little while ago. I had to have one! I started looking around for stockists of Erstwilder brooches online. Meanwhile, my husband, knowing  I was in the market for dachshund brooches, saw this on in a local store, and bought it as a surprise. He’s a top bloke. And he loves dachshunds too. 

Did anyone mention the word "dinner"?


  1. That is a great tee - love those pockets. Must say your version is much nicer than the pattern picture - much better fit.

  2. Gorgeous tshirt, and that brooch rocks

  3. Very cute top and I love how you have used the stripes. Gorgeous brooch too.

  4. The shape of this top and the pockets are fab...as is that gorgeous brooch (and your puppy - what a cutie)!

  5. I like this top a lot. And the brooch is too cute!

  6. Fantastic striped top and those pockets are quite cute. Gorgeous brooch!

  7. I think your top looks better fitted than the original. There are lots of lovely design features on this tshirt. Dogs- you just have to love them don't you ? Yours is adorable .

  8. Sincere apologies for not posting earlier! I adore your Bento T - very cute! And your husband is fabulous - an excellent choice of Erstwilder! ;)

    1. Yes, DH is pretty good. And I've noticed another Erstwilder dachshund brooch in the accessory shop window. The question now...should I buy another?

  9. This is very late but I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented.


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