Traps for players - and the resulting GIVEAWAY!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was idly clicking through the Book Depository website, paying special attention to the sewing books section (as you do) when I came across this:

         Sew your own stylish clothes with this fabulous Japanese sewing book. Are you a DIY sewer,            with a passion for Japanese style? Look no further, "Happy Homemade: Sew Chic" is the                    Japanese Sewing book you've been waiting for--all new simple and timeless creations of                      Yoshiko Tsukiori, popular Japanese fashion designer and author of "The Stylish Dress Book,"             now available in English in the United States. "Happy Homemade: Sew Chic" features 20                   flexible sewing patterns that boast authentic Japanese style created simply--by you. Etc. etc…

I immediately sat up in my chair. This was up my alley! I already have The Stylish Dress Book and Happy Homemade Treasured Collection No, 1 by the same author, and really like them. Another book by the same author -- even though there was no cover picture on the website the blurb was enough for me.  In no time I’d clicked through to checkout and waited patiently for the book's arrival.

I really wish there was a cover photo now, I might have cottoned on. As soon as I opened the package I was deflated. Here is the cover, which seemed awfully familiar.

That would be because I already have this pattern in Happy Homemade No. 1 Treasured Collection ,  Here's that book alongside Sew Chic:

And here's the pattern in Treasured Collection:

It didn't take long to see that Sew Chic is a re-publishing of Happy Homemade. All the patterns are the same. Only the title and cover have been changed. And what about that red herring "all new" in the blurb? I bought this about three years ago! Nothing to indicate that it is a re-publishing on the Book Depository website. I think I might send them a whingey email.

My disappointment though, is your gain. This is a great book  and there is no point at all in keeping this,  so I’m looking to send this on with love to a new home. Just make a comment before Sunday 21 st December midnight. I'll get it in the post on Monday, and with a lot of luck you'll have it by Christmas,. Or else you'll get it in the Christmas/New Year suspended animation time - perfect time to knock out an easy project.

Edited later: Sewingelle - Sew Chic is yours! Email me at pngall at shoal dot net dot au and I'll post it'to you.


  1. oh pox ;( Have they changed the sizing by any chance? Or is it simply that Tuttle are the publishers (were they before?) I'd send a grumpy email too. ;(
    I'll let someone else win the book - my sewing list is far too long as it is ;) Thank you for your festive season generosity though!

    1. No - the sizing is identical. And Penguin were the publishers of Treasured Collection.

  2. Oh how annoying for you and naughty of them. I'd be happy to have this book. It's one that needs to be in my collection! Thanks for your very generous offer.

  3. Oh no the book impulse buy! I love seeing what you make and I'm building up to doing some sewing too, honest! Only include me if its beginners level though. Cheers, liz


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