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Breaking a sewing drought - Measure Twice Cut Once Darcy boxers x 2

So I’ve had a little hiatus from the blog for various reasons: a)            Holidays! b)            A month long breakdown in my internet connection (egh, don’t get me started on that one – hello Skymesh and the NBN!!), which had me reduced to reading blogs on my phone. And while I was reading blogs, I wasn’t commenting much either– I find typing on my phone something I only do under sufferance. And I always have to find my glasses to do it anyway. Which I keep losing. c)           I readily admit that (b) is a bit of a furphy, really, because even if I did having a working internet connection, I wouldn't have much content to post due to a persistent  sewing fog settling over the last few months.  I’ve endeavoured to lift this lately with a an easy boxer short make for each the teenagers.
I used Measure Twice, Cut Once’s Darcy boxer pattern to make a pair of boxers each for my son and daughter.
You can see Maria Denmark Olivia muscling in on the right of the photograph

This is a …