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MBM - Style Arc Misty Pull-on Jean

To tell you truth,  the idea of Style Arc's Misty Pull-On Jean didn't excite me at first. I read "Pull-on jean"and thought "jeggings", then wondered if someone at my time of life was doing themselves a huge favour by wearing them.   Then again, as someone whose waist measurement is capable of expanding and contracting alarmingly  as I watch, the elasticised waist has it’s attractions.  Then Style Arc offered the pattern bundled with the appropriate yardage of stretch bengaline and elastic for only $30. I figured if I hated them, I would have invested time but  not too much money… First off I was impressed by the feel of the bengaline. I’d read good things about Style Arc bengaline, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’ve only sewn Spotlight bengaline before, and this one had a much nicer hand. And the petrol colour I had chosen was pretty close to what I expected.
Worn with Grainline Scout Woven Tee, blogged here and Simplicity 2603, made pre-blog
The yardage prov…

Fabric stashing

For someone who thinks that one of the best bits of the whole sewing caper is hanging about in fabric stores, it is very sad that in the last 18 months or so I have barely been in one. That is apart from the odd purchase from Spotlight, which to my mind doesn't count. Which tells you a bit about the ambivalent attitude I have to that store.
Anyway, it has come to pass that in the last two weeks I have been to Sydney twice, and have managed fabric store visits on both occasions. And here is the best bit - these forays into fabric stores have been sans offspring. Amazing.
Before I went shopping I made a mental list of what I really needed:

Bottom weight fabrics - I'd just about come to the bottom of the stash here.Knits, as always Denim - I really want to make both jeans and a denim jacket, so this was a priority.
In addition, I gave myself a stern talking to and told myself to stay away from:

Big floral printsCotton sateenSilksAnything obviously destined for formal wear
In short,…