MBM - another Sewaholic Granville in Liberty

After making two previous Granvilles here and here, I felt confident enough to make yet another Granville with  some Liberty cotton I’d bought at the last Tessuti online sale in late June.
Unfortunately, that purchase wasn’t quite what I’d hoped, as sometimes happens with online shopping. The colour of the fabric on the monitor looked orangey. When it arrived, it was more pink – not a colour that I wear a lot of. Disappointing, as even at sale prices, Liberty isn’t cheap.  (That order was ill-starred, as I also ordered a length of linen in a colour described as “Denim”. The colour on the monitor looked mid-blue. The colour denim Tessuti was thinking about when they named this linen was a sky-blue . Sigh.)
Anyway, the pinkish Liberty grew on me, so I proceeded with the Granville.
I’d love to say that on the third try, this Granville came together quickly and easily. It did not. The light and airy Liberty cotton was more difficult to deal with that either the cotton or linen I had used before. It didn’t take kindly to being fashioned into the precision details of a shirt, but with the constant use of the seam ripper I came up with an acceptable shirt in the end.
Ok, enough of the long-sleeved Granvilles! There is at least one sleeveless version in the offing for summer, then I will be putting that pattern to bed. It’s such a classic pattern, though, I’m sure I will return to it at some stage.
The stash sees the light of day
In other sewing news, I rearranged my stash! Exciting stuff! I don’t have a big stash, really. It fits in four large bins, and lives in a cedar wardrobe that belonged to my in-laws. To date, I’ve “filed” my fabric by colour. After dragging everything out, charity shopping some shockers, I’ve rearranged to fabric into the four bins as follows: Lights, Darks, Special Occasion/Miscellaneous and Ready Use, in which I’ve put all the fabrics I have plans for summer sewing. I’ve also put all the patterns I intend to use in with the fabric. I’m hoping this system will circumvent my tendency to procrastinate – the thought of locating a particular fabric and pattern is often a good enough reason f or me  to go and find something else to do.
The other exciting thing about sorting the stash was that I found a pashmina scarf I thought I’d lost – it was in a paper bag with a fabric I’d bought just on a year ago. I’d searched for it this winter, and had come to the conclusion it was a goner. But there it was, in time for summer. No matter, I’m just glad to have it back.
Nest, with swallow tail poking out for good measure
Back on the ranch..spring has definitely sprung, and the swallows have returned. We have a swallow nest in the gable above our front door which I am a bit superstitious about after my mother told me that nesting swallows are the sign of a happy home (according to legend in her part of Italy at least). The swallows built this nest about five years ago, and it has stayed there ever since, even though the blighters do make a mess of the front step. I’ve read that the local swallows spend winter in the Northern Territory, then return to their nests in Southern climes in spring. And they pair up for life.  This pair have spent the last week or so doing renovations, and it looks like Mum is now sitting on eggs.


  1. The shirt looks great! I like the pink on you, it's very spring-like. Lucky you, with the swallows - I hope the superstition comes true. We recently moved to Australia and are still getting used to the luxuriant and raucous bird life, not to mention the kangaroos which share our neighborhood!

    1. Welcome to Australia!!. The bird life is something, isn't it? I'm getting woken up at 5am every morning by a bird that screeches "ARK!! ARK!!" right outside my bedroom window at the moment. Don't know what it is called but I am definitely not used to that one!

  2. Online shopping does have its drawbacks however your Liberty shirt looks very nice. Sorry to hear it was so much trouble, I thought it would behave very well.

    The Pluvers in our park declared it was Spring 3 weeks ago and mum is sitting on 4 eggs.

    1. I always prefer to shop for fabric in real life, but am thankful for online options when I need a fabric fix. The Liberty would probably by fine for a sewist more expert and dextrous than myself.
      Ah, plovers! I have to run the gauntlet of a nesting pair every day when I walk the dog. They do get rather stroppy don't they?

  3. I really like the pink on you so I hope you do in time. Online fabric shopping definitely can be difficult if samples are not offered by a company, especially when trying to match colours with others. Thanks for all your comments about fit, your earlier posts did make me think to try this pattern and as we approach autumn in England my summer ideas needed be shelved and long sleeve shirts are the way to go!

    1. Online shopping for fabric is a little fraught I find. Quite a few misses among the hits, I find.
      Good luck with your Granvilles

  4. Another beautiful Granville Paola. I am surprised to hear the trouble you had with the Liberty fabric. I had been led to believe it was wonderful stuff to sew with. I have yet to try it. It's a good length to wear with your Misty Jeans too, and the colour is lovely on you.

    1. I've sewn Liberty lawn once before without too many issues, but this one behaved more like fine silk. The first experience was good, this one not so much, especially the cuff placket.


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