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MBM - Style Arc Elita Designer Top

This Style Arc Elita Designer Top is made in a ponti bought from Tessuti excavated from the middle layers of the stash. This is one of those makes that gives a lot of gratification for small amount of effort. Seriously, from start to finish this top probably took about 3 hours tops. There are only four pattern pieces. Making it in ponti means no seam finishing is needed, and the edges are drafted to be left raw. I did as I was told with the ponti, although if I was making it in a softer, drapier knit, I would probably finish the edges. The twisted collar thingy looks more complicated than it is – it really is easy peasy. This is what it looks like as drafted. 
It looks quite good “left hanging”, if you were inclined to do so, too.
This is my normal Size 12 in Style Arc. The only alteration I made is to add 2.5cm to the bicep and 1.5cm to the elbow.
The only quibble I have with this pattern is the "interesting back neck shape" as shown in the Style Arc line drawing.

This is h…

MBM - Style Arc Avery

The Avery Tunic Top was one of Style Arc’s freebie patterns for May. I thought it was quite a nice pattern, and would probably get made at some stage, sometime, someway, but not straight away, when I chose it. Anyway, between placing my order, and the pattern plunking into my letterbox, I had given myself a bit of a talking-to about cracking on with sewing fabrics from the stash, inspired by the Stashbusting Sewalong Facebook group, and the process of Kondo-ising my wardrobe. My thinking being why have fabrics that “spark joy” to use Ms Kondo’s term, when it would be a whole lot better if they were garments that did the same thing. It didn’t take me long to identify fabric and zipper in the stash that I thought would work for the Avery, and because I’d made a few bread-and-butter basics recently, I thought it was time for a bit of a statement make. So Avery rocketed to Number 1 in the queue. The fabrics are both from Tessuti. Avery is designed for a combination  of knit and woven fa…

Kondo-ising the wardrobe - what hasn't worked and why

It seems that half the Western World is Kondo-ising their life, or wardrobes at least, and I've been no exception.
If you aren't familiar with the work of Marie Kondo, her basic philosophy is that we should only keep things, whatever they may be, that "spark joy".
With this in mind, recently I had a clothing sort through.  These are candidates for elimination  that  have featured on the blog. At the time of making, I expected a bit of joy sparking, otherwise why bother? Over time in the wardrobe, though, they have proved to "spark meh"instead. Here's why:

First cab off the rank is my first version of Colette Peony. My post on this dress is my most viewed post to date, so it is slightly ironic this  dress has gone. I wore it twice, and never felt quite right in it. Part of it was the fit of the bodice, which I addressed somewhat successfully in a subsequent version. Part of it was the cummerbund, which I didn't warm to - I was always rearranging it. …

Me Made May 2016 - Week 4

Here we go, the last installment of Me Made May for 2016.

This week, autumn arrived in time for the start of winter, so I got to dig out some winter wear items, finally.

My challenge was to come up with two Me Made outfits a week to post, apart from wearing at least one Me Made item per day. Here are my outfits for the week:

It's Wednesday, and I'm not in jeans and runners, because I'm not at work. What gives? It's my birthday, I've taken the day off and my husband is taking me out for lunch.  Wearing: Skirt - Colette Mabel Top - Sewaholic Renfrew in merino, pre-blog make Jacket - McCalls M6441
Even though he is an excellent husband, he is not a great blog photographer. He doesn't get that I need multiple photos to get one I like. After about four photos, he loses interest. This is the best of a total of three.

Saturday, and it is officially cold today. Finally I get to wear my Paprika Jasper sweatshirt, along with Tessuti Anita Ponti Pants (doesn't the ter…

Me Made May 16 - Week 3

Welcome to Week 3, of my version of Me Made May 2016 - Climate Change Edition.
This weekend I heard the news that New South Wales is on track to have it's warmest May ever. This is no surprise. The daily maximums have hovered in the low to mid 20s, which is about 5 degrees warmer than average for this time of year. I have yet to break out the long boots, tights and scarves. That Paprika Patterns Jasper sweatshirt from a few posts ago that I was rushing to finish before the cold weather started? Need not have worried! Haven't had a chance to wear it yet!

To recap, my challenge is to wear at least Me Made item a day (not documented), and two Me Made outfits per week to share with you on the blog. Here are this weeks Me Made Outfits:

It's Saturday. With my camp chair and flat white, I'm ready for a spot of netball watching. Wearing:
Shirt - Sewaholic Granville Jacket - Sewaholic Minoru Pants - Style Arc Misty (these are getting worn a lot at the moment)
I got excited when…

MBM - Style Arc Beth and Tessuti Mandy

Two items to share today, both in the category of "comfortable basics", which pretty much constitutes 90% of my wardrobe.
The top is Tessuti Mandy Boat Neck tee, made before here and here. Both of these tops have been hardworking items in my wardrobe, and after three years solid service, are just about ready to be superannuated. At least one replacement Mandy was in order.  The fabric is some sort of rayon/poly blend knit from Remnant Warehouse. For this version, I followed the lead of a number of bloggers and took 5cm out of centre front and back - you can see there is still enough volume there. I also lengthened the body pieces about 10cm, and the sleeves also about 10cm to make them long sleeves, instead of 3/4 sleeves. This was a super-quick sew. When I find another suitable stripey knit, I'll make another. And seriously, I don't have much else to add!

Ok onto the pants, Style Arc Beth, which is a variation of the much loved Style Arc Barb. The only difference i…

Me Made May 2016 - Week 2

Week 2 of Me Made May for 2016 over.
To recap, the challenge I set myself is to wear one me made item per day (not documented) and at least two  me made outfits per week, which I will document. (As I noted in my pledge post, my me made outfit days fall on my non-work days. Jeans work best for my work with disabled adults, and I just haven't gone there with my sewing).

This week was another week of guiltily gorgeous weather, with temps bouncing around the low 20s and mild humidity.

Soaking up some rays, while waiting for my flat white at a local cafe on Friday. Wearing: Top - Planfrew/Rentain Merino Cardi - Simplicity 2603 Pants - Style Arc Misty pull-on jeans Now the humidity around here is in the manageable area,  the Misty pants have been on high rotation. So comfortable! The yellow cardi doesn't get many outings, but it should get more. I always feel happy wearing it, and the colour gets  positive comments.

Classic tourist shot in front of the Sydney Opera House on Saturday…

Me Made May 16 - Week 1

My MMM16 challenge this year is to wear at least one Me  Made item per day, and at least two Me Made outfits a week. I'm only posting the outfits.

The weather has been beautiful this week- thank you climate change. It is Mother's Day tomorrow, and I remember as a child by Mother's Day I was wearing spencers under my school uniform, and scraping ice off car windows in Sydney. Not these days.

Here's a dose of reality - end of day, hair and clothes gym-rumpled, no make up. Today's outfit brought to you by Style Arc: Top - Style Arc Evie Cardi - Style Arc Cosy Cardi  Pants - Style Arc Misty

Netball watching and errands today in beautiful autumn sunshine. My daughter's team is undefeated so far! Go NNBNC 17Bs!! Top - a well worn Tessuti Mandy Pants - Style Arc Tessa
In other sewing news, I've joined the Stashbusting Sewalong . Over the years, I've accumulated pieces of fabric that have demanded standards of sewing beyond my capabilities at the time. But I t…

Me Made May 2016

So I've decided at the last minute to take part in  Me Made May this year.

Last year I gave it a miss, mostly because the daily documentation of outfits just didn't appeal to me. Also, I work three or four days a week. My work outfits generally consist of RTW jeans, a me-made top and Converse shoes. Repeat. The uniform you wear when you don't have a uniform.  No jewellery, no scarves, no accessories in general for safety reasons. Just too boring to blog, Me Made May or not.

So, I've adjusted to my pledge over on So Zo to gloss over the work days, and concentrate my creativity on the non-work days. It is this:

I, Paola of www.lasartora.blogspot.comsign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 16. I will wear at least one me-made item per day, and will wear at least two totally me-made outfits per week. I will post the me-made outfits on my blog weekly, and maybe Instagram too, if I get around to setting up an account. :)

Click on the link to So Zo if you want to find out more…

Sewing Room Investigation: Style Arc Madison

Aargh. It gives my sewing ego no joy to post a sewing debacle, especially in a pattern that is ostensibly straightforward. But in a spirit of solidarity with my sewing sisters who have posted sewing fails before me,  I make my own contribution to the oeuvre of work that constitutes Great Wadders of the Sewing Blog World. Sit back, and enjoy La Sartora: Sewing Room Investigation: The pattern: Style Arc Madison. A knit pattern with raglan sleeves, bust and sleeve darts. Cuffs. The body has a trapeze shape and a deep hem. I recall this pattern was a Style Arc freebie from back in January. The plus points of this project were: ·A different take on a knit top. As someone who is in danger of thinking the Sewaholic Renfrew the Be All and End All of knit top patterns, I knew that I had to shake things up a bit in this area and do something radical, you know, like try another pattern.·It’s Style Arc. These patterns fit me with not too much tweaking.·I had what I thought was the perfect fabric…

MBM - Paprika Patterns Jasper Sweatshirt

I bought some merino sweatshirting last July on sale from The Fabric Store, with the intention of making up a Paprika Patterns Jasper sweatshirt almost straight away. Unfortunately, as July tipped into August, still allegedly winter, we were treated to increasingly mild days of over 20C interspersed with 30C+  stinkers. The wool sweatshirt project got shelved. I knew  that I had to get my ducks in a row early in the winter sewing season, if I wanted to make and wear a merino sweatshirt in 2016 (This goes for all my winter sewing really). Hooray! I did it! Added bonus: I match the tibouchina currently in flower in the front garden. Paprika Patterns is a new-to-me pattern company, so I spent a bit of time contemplating which size to cut, particularly the bust size, and  the question of whether or not to make my customary FBA. In the end, after taking note of the finished sizes, and comparing them to similar RTW sweatshirts in my wardrobe, I went for Size 6 with no FBA. (Note: Sizes 6 a…

200 Years of Australian Fashion at the NGV, Melbourne

It's been relatively quiet on the sewing front lately. After finishing the Yaletown of a month ago, I sat down to finish my son's scrapbooks in time for his18th birthday at the beginning of April. Then a few days were taken up in preparation for the party for said birthday and the aftermath.(Fortunately, the dire warnings of those who knew we were having an 18th birthday party at home did not come to pass. Everyone had a good time, with no collateral damage to person or property!).

We've just come back from a few days' city break in Melbourne. Living in regional Australia, a couple of days' break in a city is a welcome novelty. We get our fill of shows, shops and restaurants in a few days, then head back to the tranquility. Brilliant.

My daughter and I made a beeline for the 200 Years of Australian Fashion Exhibition at the NGV. It was a great little exhibition. The stuff that fascinated me was the late 19th Century and fashion until the late 1950s. I spent  quite …