2015 wrap up

I always enjoy reading yearly sewing wrap-ups. If you like them too, here’s mine for 2015:
 I’ve had a somewhat quiet sewing year in 2015. A quick look at the blog archives shows that this is only the 19th post of the year, quite a lot down on the previous two years of the blog’s existence. There are two reasons for this: one is I haven’t sewn as much this year. The low productivity rate sits ok with where I am at with my wardrobe. I tend to sew to plug holes in the wardrobe (though not always), and after 7 or so years of sewing, I find I have more clothes than I will ever wear out in the near future. (An aside: My me-mades seem to last so much longer than most RTWs – better quality fabrics and stitching I guess. Plus, now I have some idea of how to make things fit, I don’t have many that get tossed due to fit reasons.) So not sewing as much isn’t a major cause of angst, although it does make for a quiet blog. C’est la vie.
The other reason my blog has been fairly quiet is my increasingly rubbish internet connection. Seriously. Even though I live only 15 minutes from a major regional centre, we rely on satellite internet here, and the speeds we get are getting slower, and slowe….er and s…l…..o….w….e…..r. Netflix? In my dreams.  So I tend to blog, only when I have something to say, and can get up early enough to say it. If I wait until after about 9.00am most days, forget it.
( If you are wondering, the NBN promises no improvement long term, in my opinion. Australia has spent a bunload on a new satellite which is due to come on line next year. I give it 6 months before it too will be completely clogged with people in the bush trying to live their web lives).
Ok. Enough of my internet woes.  Back to sewing.
I don’t have enough sewing under my belt to nominate the blog worlds’customary five hits and misses of the year. One of each will have to do:

Hit of the year – Sewaholic Granville
I made three of these this year, and love them all equally. Button-up shirts have not figured much in my wardrobe, mainly because of fit issues with RTW. Sewing my own is definitely the go. I feel quite accomplished having sewn shirts, and they have all been worn frequently. Some summertime sleeveless versions are high in the queue.

Miss of the year – Grainline Morris

No photos exist of this travesty. You'll just have to take my word on the horror of it.

There have been some great versions of this jacket,  and I could definitely see this type of jacket working well in my everyday wardrobe. Alas, despite what I thought was some careful measuring and attention to finished measurements etc, this jacket came out ridiculously big especially around the shoulders, not normally an area in which I have issues. The excess was not helped by a heavy, unstretchy ponti which just dragged the whole jacket off my shoulders. After one sleeve defied easing into it’s home, I gave up. A complete mess. I would like to try this jacket again, but I’m a bit hesitant going on the first experience.

As with 2015, I don’t really have any plans for 2016. If I sewed what I wear most, I would be sewing activewear and jeans. I have some fabric for both in the stash, so I will probably venture this type of sewing this year at some stage, when I have the need. Apart from that I will sew wherever the sewing wind blows.

Thanks to all who drop by and read my scratchings, and double thanks to everyone who comments. All much appreciated, and I wish you all happy sewing for 2016.


  1. We are lucky to be on NBN cable (regional area). It has improved our internet speed. Sorry to hear it is not working for you. The Granville and the Morris are both patterns I have wanted to try so I am interested to hear your reviews.

    1. Hi Sue, trips into local towns are torture as I see all that lovely cable being laid.
      I love where I live, but the one downside is the internet thing.

  2. Love your Granville Shirts Paola. I am very tempted to try this pattern. Such a shame about your internet frustrations. Hope 2016 is a better year for blogging and I look forward to following along with you.

    1. Thanks so much, Jean. I'm crossing my fingers that the new satellite will make a big difference. You never know!

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience Paola! I haven't done much sewing in 2015, but I've learnt from your blog.

    1. Thanks, Liz. Hope you get some quality time with the sewing machine in 2016 (in amongst all the other activities in your busy life!)

  4. Your Granville Shirts are perfect and as you say beats RTW hands down. We are amongst the city and the NBN is not coming anywhere near us, and with old dodgy telephone/data cables in the street, we just keep our fingers crossed.

    1. Yes, I know from my brothers who live in Sydney that the NBN isn't all it's cracked up to be.
      I was talking to someone today on the NBN who thinks that the speeds she is getting now are not better than what she had before.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one that could not get the Morris jacket to work. Maybe it's my narrow shoulders, but it was just a big mess on me and I tried it twice, because of all the cute ones I saw online. (sigh!)

    I might have to give the Sewaholic Granville a try, though. Probably more suited to my pear-shape triangle body.

    thanks for your review

    1. Thanks for commenting! The Morris failure really annoyed me. I have quite broad shoulders, and still this jacket was enormous in this area.
      Good luck with the Granville - I hope you find it as good a pattern as I do.


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