MBM - Pyjamas, featuring Tessuti Kate top

First of all, I must say it feels slightly odd to be modelling  in my pyjamas for the blog. A bit less odd than modelling this swimsuit, but still..

I'm blending into the background a bit aren''t I?

I started on the pyjama pants back in April, after noting my favourite RTW pjs were heading inexorably for the rag bag.  But then the weather turned cool and I put them to one side. The fabric, both the main fabric and the contrast band fabric, came from Remnant Warehouse.
The pattern was traced from my pants block,
My favourite bit of these pants is the part you don’t see: the contrast fabric used on the inside of the elastic casing. I copied idea this from my RTWs.

Ok now onto the top. Since cutting out the pants I’d been looking around for a top pattern, and was on the verge of cutting out a Sorbetto, when Tessuti brought out the Kate: a woven sleeveless top with side splits. As I mentioned in the last post I’ve been looking to make some sleeveless tops to wear underneath cardigans and jackets, so thought I'd trial Kate as a pj top first. At first glance, there are similarities between Kate and Sorbetto, However, Kate has different shaping at the side seams, has a slightly curved front hem and different shaping around the back around the shoulder area. It is very different from the Sorbetto in fact.
I cut a Medium based on my measurements, then made a few standard adjustments for me: dropping the bust dart an inch, an FBA of about 3cm all up, and lengthening the pattern by 5cm. This top is described as being cropped, and they mean it!

What I really like about Tessuti patterns is that while they may be simple, they give you good instructions on how to sew touches that take the simplest garment up a notch. On this pattern it’s the instructions for the mitred side-splits. Normally the word “mitre” would have me quivering with anxiety, but the excellent instructions take you through step by step, and you end up with beautiful side splits. Love that.
One thing that was a little odd was that the piece for the neck binding was about 15cm too short. I’m pretty sure this is not user error, as there was only one piece for neck and arm binding for both Views A (this one) and B. So I had to sew on another piece of fabric to make the binding long enough. Just watch out for that one. (I emailed Tessuti to query this – perhaps it is user error after all -  but haven’t had a reply).
I was happy to use a small bit of bias binding I’d made in this Liberty print for the armholes. I think they blend in well.
The fit on this first version is ok but needs a few tweaks for the next version:

  • The bust dart is in the right place, but needs to be about an inch longer;
  • There are some slight draglines around the bust, which tells me I’ll need to make a bigger FBA next time
  • I’d like the length to be longer again - I'll probably add another 5 cm to the length. 

Sharon  has also made the Kate and observed that this pattern works best with a fabric with a bit of drape. I agree with her. This cotton is a bit too beefy, though good for pjs. I plan to make another very soon in crepe voile, which I think (hope) will be a better choice.


  1. Your PJ's will be lovely and cool and a great idea to use the Kate top.

    Your link takes everyone to my blog (Sharon) and when I made it I'm pretty sure I read that I had to stitch all the three pieces of bias together to get a long strip. I know for next time I will be making it a bit longer so I don't have two joins around the neckband.

    1. Thanks for picking that up Sharon, and letting me know. I do apologise for that mistake. It is one that I make frequently I'm afraid - ask my children, dog, husband, brothers etc.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. On the bias binding - I missed that instruction on joining the three pieces together. That would make sense. So..user error it seems.

  2. Lovely pyjamas Paola. Love the contrast fabric and lace details. Your mitred side split looks absolutely perfect. Well done!


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