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MBM - Sewaholic Yaletown, dress version

I first made the blouse version of Sewaholic Yaletown in late 2014, and have been waiting for a reason to make a dress version ever since. It finally came in the form of an invitation to a 50th birthday lunch. First of all, the fabric. I found this polyester of digitally printed and pixelated hydrangeas during a flying visit to Pitt Trading about two months ago. I was under serious time pressure, and was looking for some light cotton batiste to use as an underlining for another project. No go on the cotton, but this caught my eye, as well as a knit. In under ten minutes I was out the door with this. It was on sale too, so double bonus. Quite proud of my fabric shopping efforts here! (The project that needs underlining fabric has been relegated to the bench for now). As soon as I had the invitation, this fabric suggested itself. At first, I was thinking of make Style Arc Olivia, another pull on dress with an elastic waist. But I quite like the Yaletown mock-wrap and the sleeves on my …

MBM - sleeveless Sewaholic Granville x 2

Last year I made three Sewaholic Granvilles which I counted as the most successful projects of 2015. A couple of sleeveless Granvilles were therefore inevitably in the priority queue for summer. I sewed these two as back-to-back projects a while ago, and both have had several outings since being made, especially during the long run of  monotonously hot days we've been having lately . The ivory Granville is made from a silk-cotton blend I bought at Tessuti quite a while ago now. My intention for this one in particular is to wear it under cardis and jumpers as we head into the cooler months. The blue Granville is made from a cotton shirting, again from Tessuti. I think it was called Bahamas, and the colour certainly reminded me of the blue of the Caribbean. Love it, although I found the print somewhat uneven – in some sections, the print was brighter and more distinct and the background colour deeper than others. A bit disappointing when the shirting was on the expensive side. Stil…