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Me Made May 2016

So I've decided at the last minute to take part in  Me Made May this year.

Last year I gave it a miss, mostly because the daily documentation of outfits just didn't appeal to me. Also, I work three or four days a week. My work outfits generally consist of RTW jeans, a me-made top and Converse shoes. Repeat. The uniform you wear when you don't have a uniform.  No jewellery, no scarves, no accessories in general for safety reasons. Just too boring to blog, Me Made May or not.

So, I've adjusted to my pledge over on So Zo to gloss over the work days, and concentrate my creativity on the non-work days. It is this:

I, Paola of www.lasartora.blogspot.comsign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 16. I will wear at least one me-made item per day, and will wear at least two totally me-made outfits per week. I will post the me-made outfits on my blog weekly, and maybe Instagram too, if I get around to setting up an account. :)

Click on the link to So Zo if you want to find out more…

Sewing Room Investigation: Style Arc Madison

Aargh. It gives my sewing ego no joy to post a sewing debacle, especially in a pattern that is ostensibly straightforward. But in a spirit of solidarity with my sewing sisters who have posted sewing fails before me,  I make my own contribution to the oeuvre of work that constitutes Great Wadders of the Sewing Blog World. Sit back, and enjoy La Sartora: Sewing Room Investigation: The pattern: Style Arc Madison. A knit pattern with raglan sleeves, bust and sleeve darts. Cuffs. The body has a trapeze shape and a deep hem. I recall this pattern was a Style Arc freebie from back in January. The plus points of this project were: ·A different take on a knit top. As someone who is in danger of thinking the Sewaholic Renfrew the Be All and End All of knit top patterns, I knew that I had to shake things up a bit in this area and do something radical, you know, like try another pattern.·It’s Style Arc. These patterns fit me with not too much tweaking.·I had what I thought was the perfect fabric…

MBM - Paprika Patterns Jasper Sweatshirt

I bought some merino sweatshirting last July on sale from The Fabric Store, with the intention of making up a Paprika Patterns Jasper sweatshirt almost straight away. Unfortunately, as July tipped into August, still allegedly winter, we were treated to increasingly mild days of over 20C interspersed with 30C+  stinkers. The wool sweatshirt project got shelved. I knew  that I had to get my ducks in a row early in the winter sewing season, if I wanted to make and wear a merino sweatshirt in 2016 (This goes for all my winter sewing really). Hooray! I did it! Added bonus: I match the tibouchina currently in flower in the front garden. Paprika Patterns is a new-to-me pattern company, so I spent a bit of time contemplating which size to cut, particularly the bust size, and  the question of whether or not to make my customary FBA. In the end, after taking note of the finished sizes, and comparing them to similar RTW sweatshirts in my wardrobe, I went for Size 6 with no FBA. (Note: Sizes 6 a…

200 Years of Australian Fashion at the NGV, Melbourne

It's been relatively quiet on the sewing front lately. After finishing the Yaletown of a month ago, I sat down to finish my son's scrapbooks in time for his18th birthday at the beginning of April. Then a few days were taken up in preparation for the party for said birthday and the aftermath.(Fortunately, the dire warnings of those who knew we were having an 18th birthday party at home did not come to pass. Everyone had a good time, with no collateral damage to person or property!).

We've just come back from a few days' city break in Melbourne. Living in regional Australia, a couple of days' break in a city is a welcome novelty. We get our fill of shows, shops and restaurants in a few days, then head back to the tranquility. Brilliant.

My daughter and I made a beeline for the 200 Years of Australian Fashion Exhibition at the NGV. It was a great little exhibition. The stuff that fascinated me was the late 19th Century and fashion until the late 1950s. I spent  quite …