Me Made May 16 - Week 1

My MMM16 challenge this year is to wear at least one Me  Made item per day, and at least two Me Made outfits a week. I'm only posting the outfits.

The weather has been beautiful this week- thank you climate change. It is Mother's Day tomorrow, and I remember as a child by Mother's Day I was wearing spencers under my school uniform, and scraping ice off car windows in Sydney. Not these days.

Here's a dose of reality - end of day, hair and clothes gym-rumpled, no make up. Today's outfit brought to you by Style Arc:
 Pants - Style Arc Misty

Netball watching and errands today in beautiful autumn sunshine. My daughter's team is undefeated so far! Go NNBNC 17Bs!!

In other sewing news, I've joined the Stashbusting Sewalong . Over the years, I've accumulated pieces of fabric that have demanded standards of sewing beyond my capabilities at the time. But I think, in a lot of cases, my skills have caught up with the demands of the fabrics, and it's time to front up to the challenge. Ironically, though, just as I signed up, I was also telling my children I'd like fabric for Mothers Day, so I declare an amnesty on those purchases. (You can rationalise anything, I guess!) . After netball I went into Spotlight and despite the 40% off sale on fabric and seeing one or two fabrics I quite liked, I stayed strong and focussed! No purchases - fabric at least. I purchased elastic and a pair of shoulder pads for an upcoming project.


  1. Great to see your me made garments in action.

  2. Two great outfits for the first week of MMM. Like you I am so trying not to purchase fabric, but that hasn't stopped me with patterns or notions :)

  3. Your trousers fit really nicely and well done for committing to using up those nice but slightly challenging fabrics.


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