Me Made May 2016 - Week 4

Here we go, the last installment of Me Made May for 2016.

This week, autumn arrived in time for the start of winter, so I got to dig out some winter wear items, finally.

My challenge was to come up with two Me Made outfits a week to post, apart from wearing at least one Me Made item per day. Here are my outfits for the week:

It's Wednesday, and I'm not in jeans and runners, because I'm not at work. What gives? It's my birthday, I've taken the day off and my husband is taking me out for lunch. 
Skirt - Colette Mabel
Top - Sewaholic Renfrew in merino, pre-blog make
Jacket - McCalls M6441

Even though he is an excellent husband, he is not a great blog photographer. He doesn't get that I need multiple photos to get one I like. After about four photos, he loses interest. This is the best of a total of three.

Saturday, and it is officially cold today. Finally I get to wear my Paprika Jasper sweatshirt, along with Tessuti Anita Ponti Pants (doesn't the term Ponti Pants sound like a Welsh town name?). 
Those lemons and limes are a fraction of what we have waiting for harvest. And Dash, with left ear flipped up, is there just because he is cute and doesn't often stop for long enough to have his photo taken.

So I'm signing off from Me Made May. As I didn't undertake to document every day, it hasn't been onerous at all and if I do take part again I'll probably do the same.
As I noted in a previous post, putting together outfits did require a bit of thought, but not so much from lack of sewn items, but because of holes in my shoe wardrobe to make certain sewn items work together to my eye. So I'm on the lookout for a couple of pairs of shoes at the moment, always a bit of a challenge made a bit more complicated for me by the fact that I take a Size 12. I always say that if there is a such a thing as reincarnation, the only thing I would want is to come back as a Size 8. Life would be much simpler!


  1. Hope you had a lovely Birthday and you have managed to meet your challenge with some wonderful outfits for May.

  2. Thank you Sharon, I had a very nice birthday. I felt very appreciated.

  3. Happy Birthday Paola. Lovely me made outfits and well done, meeting your challenge. I understand completely about husbands as photographers...I have the same issues.

    1. Thanks Jean - husbands, you gotta love 'em!

  4. Ha ha, there is a town called Ponty Pandy in the kids show Fireman Sam! Love that Dash stood still long enough for a photo, he is so cute

    1. Ah, yes - that's what I was remembering. It's been quite a while since my kids were watching Fireman Sam.
      Dash IS cute but doesn't "do" obedience, so you have to take your photos when you can get them!


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