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First of all, Happy 2017.
Well! That was a long and unexpected blog hiatus!
After my last post in July, life got exceptionally busy. Sewing slowed to a trickle, blogging stopped dead.
Two reasons:  First, I started working longer hours. On top of that, most of my remaining  spare time was sucked into an activity vortex known as house building, so I was spending vast slabs of my weekends traipsing around stores doing things like picking carpets, tiles, furniture, and countless other tiny details for the house. The house that I mentioned that we were going to build in 2015, in my 2014 wrap up post.The house that didn’t start to be built  until 2016, thanks to a crazy bush fire rating, and a LOT of toing and froing with the local council which took up 2015.  As I write this at the beginning of 2017, I can say it’s finally finished! Yippee!
The house building process was time consuming, as well as exciting and exhausting by turns. We had the good fortune to have a great local builder working on our house, so we managed to avoid the horror stories that you sometimes hear. We’re really happy with how the house has turned out, and we’ve had lots of positive comments from locals as they walk past.
But now, I’m ecstatic to get back to normal life, including my sewing  and blogging life.

I made this top, Liesl + Co Gallery Tunic, a few months ago and it’s already had some good wear. This top is perfect for work. In my job, I’m out in the sun often so appreciate a top that offers a bit of skin coverage on the arms, but is loose and comfortable enough to deal with heat and humidity. Gallery ticks those boxes.
I came across the printed version of this pattern in a quilting shop in a town about an hour away from my house back in September. On the  journey home,  I stopped at the local Spotlight and purchased this crinkle rayon, and that night I was cutting and sewing. Believe me, that’s a first.  Normally projects spend time getting shuffled around a queue before I finally get down to them.

What am I looking up at? Search me

I’ve made a few Liesl + Co patterns now. My experience with them is that they have a great draft and instructions, and the Gallery tunic is no exception. Plackets are a source of nervousness for me, but this placket turned out exactly as I’d hoped, given the very clear instructions.
I made my standard alterations: 1”FBA and a 1” full bicep adjustment. The rest is as it is out of the packet. The depth of the placket is a bit lower than I’d normally wear, but not scandalously so.
My only beef I have with this project  is that the Spotlight rayon I’ve used is already looking a bit sad  and faded , after only a few months wear. Disappointing!  And so continues my ambivalent relationship with Spotlight - I appreciate this store exists, especially in the local regional town, but I've had so many disappointments with their fabrics that I just don't have high expectations any more.

So, the blogging ice is broken. I have a number of projects that I’ve had photographed, so hopefully it won’t be another six months  before I post again.


  1. Well I have been wondering where you had disappeared. House building can be very stressful, exciting and all consuming. So glad to hear you are getting back to normal life now. Your tunic is really lovely. The fabric is gorgeous and looks so fresh paired with your white pants.

    1. Thanks Jean. I too wonder what happened when other sewing bloggers stop blogging, hoping they are ok. For me, though, it wasn't a case of stopping blogging. Rather, lots of time passed, so it looked like I've made a decision to stop blogging. In my mind though, I hadn't stopped .Hope that makes sense!

  2. Welcome back. Really like your top. The fabric is very attractive.

  3. Lovely tunic and I like the print, but I hear you about the sometimes disappointing quality of Spotlight's fabric.

  4. Thanks Valerie - I have a complicated relationship with that store. Even though I get disappointed so often, I still make fabric purchases despite it!

  5. We've just given up the idea of a major reno (gutting/stumping) and putting our house on the market next week then looking for something else (probably two moves in one year). I won't be sewing for a while! I love liesl's patterns and the rayon looks lovely for this blouse ;o)

    1. To be honest, a major reno sounds more daunting than a new build! I don't blame you for giving up the idea!

  6. I'm so glad you have the new house to enjoy and life does take over from sewing every now and then. Your new tunic looks so comfortable, pity about the fabric.


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