MBM - Style Arc Talia Woven Pant

Hello again!
Things have slowed down somewhat in the sewing room lately, due to the ridiculously hot run of weeks we’ve had this summer. Hot weather always hampers my sewing somewhat. I sew in a loft built into the roof of our house. It is not adequately insulated, so on hot days in summer, it gets really hot, to the extent it is impossible to last up there for longer than say, 10 minutes, before running up the white flag and retreating downstairs. So in summer I generally do my sewing in the early morning. But this summer, we’ve had hot days combined with hot nights, and my sewing room could have easily doubled as a sauna day in-day out, so sewing has been impossible. (I could bring my sewing gear downstairs, but I don’t really have a great place to do this at the moment. The most likely spot, the dining room, has terrible light, so I would just rather not bother).
I’m not a hot weather person. I was talking to someone recently who was telling me that hot weather energised her. It’s the opposite with me.
Anyway, mercifully it’s been much cooler lately, so let’s get cracking with the sewing.
This time it’s Style Arc Talia Woven pant. 

This was a freebie from last February from memory. I liked the idea of a flat waistband front, combined with elasticated back, and the slim leg.(Please note – I’ve worn this with my top tucked in so you can see all the details. I wouldn’t ever wear it like this in real life. Ever. What we do for our blog photos!)
The fabric is linen from the Remnant Warehouse, luxe linen in Midnight bought online. A really nice weight for this pant. It is still available here.
As far as alterations are concerned, I made my standard Style Arc pant alteration to my standard Size 12, namely: extending the back crotch hook by 4cm, and adding 3cm in length. Nothing else.
As far as sewing it up, Talia was pretty straightforward, apart from the welt pockets. The instructions were Style Arc-brief, so I went looking for further instruction high and low. I did a welt pocket on Paprika Patterns Jasper last year, but the construction with a kangaroo pocket seemed different to me, so no lightbulb moment there. No joy elsewhere on the web either. So I just had to nut it out from the instructions myself, with a bit of patience and a lot of use of the seam ripper. Eventually, I figured it out, and although it isn’t 100% I’m happy to wear it!

Here’s the funny bit, though – I just went back to the Style Arc website to copy the Talia image there – and I saw that there is a link to a tutorial on sewing this welt pocket on their website after all. Gah! Still, if you haven’t sewn a welt pocket before, even with the tutorial I would highly recommend having a practice on some random material first. I was in danger of wearing through my linen, the number of times I attempted it.

Another first for me was the triple elastic back waistband. A bit fincky, but not terrible.

There's a bobble of fabric where flat waistband meets elasticated waistband. I sat at the machine, contemplated ripping it and starting again, but after the pockets I just didn't have it in me. Besides, there will always be a top covering this anyway.

The flat front on these pants is what I hoped it would be. The leg is slim as promised in the pattern blurb. The side seams below the knees are swinging forward though – I wonder what the fix on this is? Any ideas out there?
(Later..I shortened these pants by about an inch, and this seems to have addressed this somewhat)    

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our dachshund Dash has been racking up frequent visitor miles with the vet lately, thanks to a run-in with a car.  His paw took a beating, but nothing broken thank goodness. A very close shave – it could have been a lot worse. He’s  been very sorry for himself tap-tapping his way around the house with his cast.


  1. I'm not sure about this, but your stance is somewhat tilted toward the back?? If you look at the side photo your shoulders are positioned over your butt, not your hips. That may cause the pant leg to hang slightly askew?? Also I noticed that your front crotch has a bit of extra fabric and don't know how to fix that. Maybe bring the inner front leg seam in a bit?
    I think we're very picky with how our garments fit-just glancing at these pants 👖 I thought they looked great on you-even with your top tucked in!!
    Good luck

    1. Thanks for your feedback MJT. I had to smile about your comments on my stance. My teenage daughter is my photographer and she was nagging me to "pull your shoulders back!" ie. exactly what I nag her to do!
      The front crotch excess fabric is something I've noticed too - I'm wondering if I need to shorten the front crotch by the amount I add length to the back crotch, because it seems ok there. something for me to consider there.
      Thanks again!

  2. Nice pants Paola. The fabric looks lovely and you have done a great job on the welt pockets.

  3. Very good looking pants and your welt pocket turned out very well.

    Have you measured the total curve length? This will soon sort out if you need to remove the extra length you added to the back from the front.


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