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A Tale of Two Jean Jackets Part II - Style Arc Stacie

Oh boy, I hope no one out there was holding their breath waiting for the sequel to a “Tale of Two Jean Jackets”. Again, it’s been a while for all sorts of reasons. As January 2018 tips over into February 2018, it is an apt if overdue time to post the make which was the one sewing goal I had for 2017: to make the Style Arc Stacie jean jacket, a project that has been in the queue since the pattern was released - maybe 2014?

The main reason I didn’t get onto this project earlier was the nagging suspicion that being a somewhat fitted jacket,  it would need some sort of FBA for me, a person who has never regretted making an FBA . But looking at the shaped seamlines on the front of the jacket, I had no notion of how to make an FBA without mucking them up. In the end, though, (and because my mother wanted her machine back – I’d borrowed hers to thread up for the topstitching for this jacket and the Stevie) I just decided to plough into it, no FBA. I did make a 2cm bicep adjustment to the s…