Another Style Arc Adeline

Summer is tipping over into Autumn supposedly. We’ve been having some milder weather, interspersed with stinkers of 30+ C,  so I’m still thinking summer sewing.

I made my first Style Arc Adeline in late 2016, and wore it for Christmas that year. It’s proved to be one of my favourite dresses, just so easy to wear. There was always going to be at least one more, and here it is.
The fabric for this version came from the Hoi An fabric market in Vietnam. We had a family holiday there in November, and yep, I hit the fabric markets pretty hard, especially in Hoi An. You’ll see some of the more fabric I bought in upcoming posts.
The fabric is supposedly linen, but I suspect there is some cotton in there. No matter – it was easy to wear and sew, so I’m not complaining.
The pink-and-red print would have brought joy to my five year old heart. I had an obsession with pink-and-red at that age, an obsession my mother did not share. Sad. 
The Adeline pattern is a simple sew. The only change I made was to cut the back on the fold instead of with a centre back seam, because I didn’t really see the point of it really. It doesn’t perform any shaping duties, and it would have interfered with the print, so it was ditched.
Love this dress.
Meanwhile, the latest news is that Action Man and I are now empty nesters. In my last post I wrote, presciently it turned out “the day when they will finally fly the nest is not far off.”. Not a week after I made that post, my son announced he had found a place in a share house near  the uni with a few people he works with. And a week after that, our daughter  found accommodation on campus. The kicker was that they planned to move out on the same day.

I’m really happy that they’ve moved onto this phase of their lives, really I am, but that moving out on the same day bit was a bit of a head spinner. It was a bit of a shock in the days that followed, but a month on, I can say that we are definitely getting used to it.


  1. I feel this Autumn has been very deceptive! Love that print and it works well with the simple cut of the Adeline dress.

    1. Thanks Siobhan!
      We had another 33 yesterday, with another to come tomorrow. Aargh! I am so. over. this. summer!

  2. Love the print you have used. Perfect for the Adeline and an excellent idea to ditch the centre back seam. I am still thinking of summer sewing too.

  3. Thank you, Jean. Summer seems to drag on and on well into May these days.

  4. Stunning dress and fabric. I would love to see your holiday purchases frm Vietnam. Hope you get cooler weather soon .

  5. Great fabric and pattern combination for a christmas dress - so cheery ;o)

  6. A lovey bright and cool dress. Oh your empty nester story sounds so similar to what my sister and I did to our Mum.


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