MBM - B6296 Butterick pyjamas

Following on from my last post, this is another make with fabric purchased in Vietnam – this time Lisette for Butterick B6296 pyjamas in cotton poplin bought in the Hoi An fabric market.

First observation – this is the first time I have sewn a Butterick pattern. That’s a little surprising after 10 years sewing I suppose. I have a few Buttericks in the stash, mostly Lisette patterns. I have a mind to sew from the stash as much as possible this year, both fabric and pattern, so perhaps some more of those Buttericks will finally get a run.
Here’s how it is described:
Butterick B6296 Misses Top Shorts And Pants Lisette: Very loose-fitting top has collar, forward shoulder seams, pockets, and stitched hems. B: Pocket bands. Straight-leg shorts and pants (below waist) have elasticized waistband, side-front pockets, and yoke back. Sleeves A, B and hems C,D:Bands. Purchased piping.
I sewed a 16 for the top and 18 for the pants, which was suggested by my measurements and flat pattern measurements, and the fit and amount of ease was what I would expect from a pair of pyjamas. So that’s a start.
Piping always looks great on PJs. It was my intention to break out the piping foot and make some, but I couldn’t find piping cord of the appropriate width at the local Spotlight. The crochet cotton I bought to try out was a bit finicky to work with, so I just used bias binding as a bit of flat piping in strategic spots instead.  This probably saved me a lot of work, and I’m still happy with the result.
I deviated from the instructions for making the elastic waist on the pants. Instead, I sewed the elastic into a loop, then serged it onto the waist edge. I then fold it and twin needle from the right side to sew it down. This is really easy to do, and results in an RTW finish (in my opinion), with an elastic that sits flat!
The one thing I would do differently is to interface the collar and front facing with self fabric to get a softer finish. I was trying out a new interfacing with this project. Again, the local Spotlight came up short. It seems they aren’t stocking my preferred interfacing anymore. Geez, Spotlight, you do make it hard to love you.  Anyway, the new interfacing seemed like it would be ok, but in the end, the result was a bit too crisp for pyjamas in my opinion. With a bit of wear, though, I guess it should end up being okay. 
Another observation: As someone who sews a lot of Style Arc and other indies with narrower seam allowances, the 1.5cm seam allowance used just seemed incredibly, unnecessarily wide. Does that chime with anyone?

I had a lot of fun making these pyjamas. It was a bit time consuming because there are a lot of pieces and steps, but none is difficult. And sewing cotton - easy.

I made these PJs in the depths of this very hot summer, a month or two ago, and have only just started wearing them now as the weather slowly cools off. They are very comfy and do the job admirably. I think a pair of flannel PJs is in order for winter now.


  1. Those look like a wonderful way to surrender to sleep! So much better than what I collapse in most mornings after night shift. Flannel for cold and crisp cotton for the heat. I grew up with the big 4 here in the US and Style Arc makes me nervous with the LITTLE allowance (and how do you clip into that to mark, I’m forced to find a color of marker that will work instead, or tailor tack). Isn’t nice to have all the choices in patterns we have today?

    1. Thanks, Barbara.
      I take your point on clipping into seam allowance to mark - there isn't much room for error with the 1cm seam allowance.
      I didn't mean to imply 1.5cm sa was unnecessary - just that after sewing with smaller allowances more often than not , it seems big.

  2. Beautiful pyjamas Paola. The print is very pretty and the flat piping looks very smart. Pyjamas have been on my 'to sew' list for a while. Hopefully I will get to make them soon.

  3. Thanks for the elastic insertion tips. I have never done it that way. It is such a special treat to wear lux PJs.

  4. Lovely pyjamas and flat piping is a nice touch.


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