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Self Drafted Pants - with a nod to Style Arc Melissa

  Wow, who could have predicted that photographing something for your sewing blog could take longer than sewing the garment itself? Apart from finding a time when both me and my photographer (my 13 year old)  were available, I had to make sure  I came straight from the blow drier to the camera, or else the revolting humidity we have around here would turn my hair to fuzz-ball. Whew, I think I just about made it.   Anyway, here it is, my first make on La Sartora. I need basics (or "cake" as it has come to be called in sewing blogland) , and what more basic item is there than a pair of black pants? The pattern was drafted from my pants block, based on the Style Arc Melissa pant. But really, how much more classic can these pants be? They are a wide legged pant, yoke pockets, fly front, front pleats and faux pocket flaps on the back. They are made from a textured black cotton I picked up at Remnant Warehouse.   I used the yoke pocket piece front from the Melissa pant

Trouble fitting pants? Here's a clue perhaps why

My pants front block pattern at left. Style Arc Melissa Pant front at right So I need some basic black pants. Style Arc's Melissa has front slant pockets, a fly front, a pleated front and faux back pocket flaps, just the ticket. Even though I have a custom pant block, I thought I'd give a Style Arc pattern a go, mainly because I couldn't be bothered fiddling around with my block pattern to incorporate the design of the Melissa. Well, after comparing the Melissa pant front and back I'm not so sure. I think if I want to get the fit I want it may be quicker to just get down to altering the block.   Check out the picture of the two front patterns above.Try and ignore the overall shape , just look at the crotch curve. My front has a crotch curve that is almost a 90 degree angle. The Melissa pattern has a gentler front curve. I can imagine  a lot of fabric around the front crotch trying to go somewhere.   Melissa pant pattern back at left; My pants back pattern

Let's get this blog started!

So I've been a keen sewing blog reader for a couple of years now. I love them. They are a constant source of entertainment, enjoyment and most of all, inspiration. It is also great to realise that you are not alone in this world with your particular passion. No one I knows sews clothes ( Try saying that sentence three times fast - it has a touch of the Doctor Suess !) . Even my mum, who made all my clothes growing up, and is an excellent sewist, makes very few clothes these days (she's turned her talents instead to quilting). I've been clothes sewing for a few years now. I would put myself in the Advanced Beginner category. I don't sew huge numbers of clothes - mostly because I don't need lots of clothes, also because with my other interests (see my other blog Spades and Spoons ) and responsibilities I don't have time. Still I sew. And now, after thinking about it for a while, I'm going to blog about it. How better to start the blog than with a bit of s