Lessons learned, and a giveaway!

I'm so happy with the skirt in the previous post. It just feels great on. Analysing why this skirt is such a success, I'm thinking it boils down to the wide yoke. If those pleats came off a waistband, that skirt wouldn't be anywhere near the success it is.
I am somewhat shortwaisted, and as I age, I feel I'm even more so. I need to keep skirts and pants smooth from waist to hip. Yokes are good. Faced waists are good. Pleats stitched down to the hips are good. Highwaisted garments - not a success.
The more I sew, the more I realise that successful sewing projects are a happy marriage of the right fabric with the right-for-me pattern. There are so many lovely patterns out there, but if  I can sift through the patterns that just aren't going to work on my body type, I'm well on the way there. Which brings me to my first ever giveaway...
I've had Colette Patterns Beignet skirt on my to-do list for oh, two years. Yep, I like my ideas to cook a while, but moving on.... one of the defining features of the Beignet is the high waist. Given my recent experience, there is no way I should entertain this pattern, especially as it couldn't be classed as a quick make. I can just imagine spending ages perfecting the fit, making facings and linings and multiple button holes only to have a skirt that feels as if it is cutting me in half.
BUT don't let me put you off. The Beignet may be just your thing. There are so many darling versions of it around on the internet. Check out this or this or this.
And if you think it could be your thing, I am giving away my Beignet pattern. All you have to do to receive my never used pattern is leave a comment...Introduce yourself and tell us the silhouettes, design features or types of garments you avoid making from bitter experience. Share!

The giveaway will close at midnight April 5 (ie. I'll do the draw on Saturday morning April 6) , and entries are welcomed from anywhere in the world.

Let me hasten to add that the fact that I am giving away a Colette Pattern is by no means an indication of my attitude to Colette Patterns in general. It's just that the Beignet pattern doesn't suit me.


  1. I love high waists. I know this because a low "waist" magically further reduces the length of my legs and makes me look like a barrel. I would love to try Beignet. Maybe you'd like a nice low waisted trouser pattern instead?

  2. Kbenco, it's all in the proportions isn't it? Low waisted trousers are the ticket for me too, but at my age there is a "sweet spot" between low enough and way too low!

  3. I've seen many lovely versions of the Beignet around, but I've had my suspicions about it so haven't tried it as yet. I do like the emergence of more and more independent pattern companies but I do feel like they cater mostly to a young and trendy crowd who either suit the patterns or they're so excited to have made something that they don't care how they look!

  4. I agree that the independents cater for the younger crowd. I think Colette patterns is a case in point. I find the patterns attractive, but I don't think I'm the target market. Unfortunately my daughter favours a grungier look and finds the patterns "too girly". I'll keep working on her.


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