Dangling threads

A few random sewing-linked thoughts today:

1. I thought I'd share this apron my mother gave me last week, made from fabric found in my grandmother's stash after she died. That pink is even more fluorescent than it looks!
Mum made four aprons - one for me and each of my sisters-in-law. We both regarded this fabric with some puzzlement. My nonna was an excellent seamstress (she taught herself to sew MEN's SHIRTS at age eight. Her own mother had died, and she was the seamstress of the house and  made shirts for her brothers.) She was always excellently, but modestly, turned out. She wore dresses and skirts exclusively, all of which she made herself, in muted navies, greys and browns. So how, then,  did this fluoro print pink get in the stash?
My bet is that someone gave it to her knowing she was a sewer, and she too, probably looked at it in puzzlement. Still, it's nice to have something made from something that belonged to her.

2. Sewing has been happening here. I've been muslining the Colette Truffle for my daughter. This is a first on two levels - one, sewing a fitted, lined dress and two, sewing something fitted for Amelia. Observations so far: how much easier is it to fit another person? Like night and day! Part of the reason why I've never sewn a fitted dress for myself is the purgatory of fitting . But being able to clearly see the issues on another person, and having two hands ready to deal with them...amazing.

It's also been interesting to deal with a shape completely different to my own. Amelia is as tall as me (and I'm 5'9"), so I have to add length as I do for myself, but there the similarities end. For her, it is small bust adjustment, and dealing with her squarer shape overall. A good learning experience for me, but she is getting a bit sick of stripping off to try the muslin on again. Them's the breaks! I have refrained from taking photos for the blog though, as a concession and to keep her sweet.

And lastly, my head scratcher. The muslin is looking good except for a bit of pouffiness between the bust and the waist seam. This pouffiness disappears if she stands up straight. Like most 13 year olds who are really tall, she does slouch. So my head scratcher..do I alter to get rid of the pouffiness, or would I be overfitting? If I took out length, her dress would keep her in the slouch position, which I am trying to nag her out of . What to do? Accept a bit of pouffiness in the hope she will learn to carry herself a bit better, or get rid of it? Any ideas?

3. Debating whether to take part in Me Made May 13, for the first time. I've always enjoyed other's MMM posts, and it looks like a bit of fun.  I think I could do it ok clothes wise, but the photo and posting bit is a bit daunting.  A few days left to contemplate this! Any advice?

4. There has been so much to enjoy about the Great British Sewing Bee. I've loved it. All of the entrants had something I could identify with. In the final, I cheered Lauren's enthusiasm and determination, willed Sandra to produce some great work (she did).As for Ann, not only does she sew fantastically, as an Iyengar yoga practitioner it is great to see an octogenarian in a hanging Sirsasana (as we saw her in Ep 1). She's my vision of what I want to be like should I be lucky enough to get to 82.

Check out Gorgeous Fabrics blog here for the last episode, but be aware the post includes a spoiler!

5. Lastly, in the kerfuffle of school holidays I've neglected to mention  that my blog giveaway of my Beignet pattern has occurred. To tell the truth, I had two commenters kbenco and Kristy for this giveaway, but I am so honoured these lovely ladies, whose blogs I have enjoyed for a while now, have taken the time to stop and comment on my little fledgling blog. I really wish I had two Beignets to giveaway. But I only had one, and it went to kbenco.


  1. The Me May Made challenge of taking a photo every day and posting them would be a good exercise in practicing blog photography and developing a habit for more frequent posting, but it seems like a lot of work! Which is why I'll be watching and cheering from the sidelines....
    As for your daughter, do you think she'll grow out of her slouching pose before she grows out of the dress? Probably not, it's a teenage thing! I'd say fit for her shape now so it looks really good, otherwise she won't want you sew for her in the future and you'll be buying an expensive formal dress

    1. I do think slouching is a teenage thing - most of her friends, whatever their height seem to do it. I do see your point about upcoming formal dresses too.

  2. I am planning to do Me Made May as well - I found it really hard to take photos when I did it last time (2 yrs ago- no, 3!) but it really helped me take a good hard look at my wardrobe and the fact that I have some things in extremely heavy rotation that I needed to duplicate.
    I have just finished a Beignet (lucky me) and it is scheduled for heavy rotation :)
    I would not adjust for the slouch. I would mention how unsightly the wrinkle is and demonstrate its absence in a different position in front of the mirror. I have been there with posturaly forward teenage shoulders and felt that it was my duty as a mother to stimulate vanity in this area with the aim of improved long term spinal maintenance ;) This is also known as nagging, but hey, my Mum did it too....(my daughter now has excellent posture, when I am looking)

    1. I like that - "improved long term spinal maintenance". I've emphasised this with her many times, but I think the mirror trick could work!
      Glad the Beignet worked out well!
      I'm leaning toward doing MMM at this moment, but ask me in an hour what I think!


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