Ghost of Burdas past - Part 2

I am going to a benefit night for the McGrath Foundation later this week. We are requested to wear pink.
I don't go much for pink. I had to dig into the far reaches of my wardrobe to come up with this, my sole pink item of clothing.
I thought I'd share this on the blog, because this item of clothing dates from 1986, and was made by my mother for me from an issue of Burda.
This is a classic 1980s item of clothing, isn't it? Dropped shoulders, relaxed fit, and the hemline reminds me of the Japanese designer aesthetic that was around at the time.
I remember liking this in the magazine, but not so much on me. I didn't wear it much, even then. It was so difficult to wear, as I never really figured out what to wear it with. It still survives in my wardrobe, because the stitching and construction is a testament to my mum's skills. I can't bear to
 throw it out.
The top is topstitched and edge stitched within an inch of its life. And there is not one wonky stitch anywhere. I didn't appreciate it then, but I do now.
Still, I won't be wearing this on Wednesday night. So it's back to the back of the wardrobe for this top.


  1. Everything 80s is in again - I think you could make this work with some dark denim skinnies and a belt. But it is a very bright pink for someone who doesn't wear too much pink!

    1. I think the dark denim skinnies and a belt could work, but I don't know on me. And the pinkness is probably another reason why I haven't worn it much!

  2. So 80s, yes! But beautifully made. Now away you go a Tupperware party :)

    1. Yep, great idea. The Tupperware party has never really gone out of fashion down here on the South Coast!


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