Me Made May - 21, 22, 23, 24

On the downhill run for Me Made May...
May 21
A bit of a pike out from me I'm afraid. I was wearing Me-Made (honest!), but when I went to photograph myself in the morning, I found my battery had carked it. So I pulled out the battery pack and left it on charge for the day, except that  I hadn't. I didn't switch the power on. Doh! And by the time the battery charged up, I was well and truly in trackie-dak mode. Oh well....
May 22

Winter  has arrived this week. Hooray! I am more of a winter than summer person. I much prefer the cold to the heat, and I prefer wearing winter clothes to summer. (I'm sure if our winters were harsher than they are, this would not be the case) Somehow, burgundy, purple and orange don't suit summer wear. I don't know why.
The me-made item today was the skirt, which I made when I first started sewing for myself. I took two online classes on Pattern Review -Make a Skirt Muslin, and Build a Better Skirt. They were such great courses, and I was on my way with sewing.

Top: Country Road
Cardi - Perri Cutten (my favouritest cardi. I dread the day it dies)
Skirt - Self drafted


May 23

The Me Made Items today are the top and cardi wrap. Even though I made this, I do not consider myself a knitter in any way, shape or form . I'm way too slow, and prone to losing interest mid-project. This one kept my interest until the end though. It's an excellent project for a beginner, consisting of three rectangles sewn together, and as you can see, it can be worn two ways. In the end, I opted to wear the version in the bottom photo today.


Top: Sewaholic Renfrew, burgundy merino, pre-blog
Cardi - Jo Sharp Reversible Wrap
Skirt - Blue Illusion, thrifted on eBay.

May 24
It's been lashing rain for 24 hours here. Time to get out my winter big guns.
Top: Burda Turtleneck - from October 2010, I think. Putty  merino wool. pre-blog
Duffle coat: Perri Cutten - I do love orange
Pants - Anita Ponti
One week to go!
I am flying to Rome later this week, with a 7 hour layover in Hong Kong. My intelligence tells me I should be able to get out of the airport for a few hours in this time. Of course, my mind turns to fabric shopping possibilities. Anyone have any info on where to go? I'd really appreciate it! Either leave a comment or email me at greengrow at live dot com dot au. Thanks!



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