Me Made May - Eps 2 & 3

Day 2 of Me Made May, and I've learned how to use the self-timer function on the camera, and connect it to the tripod. Already, MMM is a life-enrichment exercise!


Top - Grainline Studio Woven Tee, blogged here. Cotton voile.
Skirt - Simplicity 9825, probably OOP. Pre-blog make. Black denim.
Cardi - RTW, Witchery.
Leggings - RTW.

This skirt was never a high-point in my fitting  skills - too big from the get-go. And I top-stitched the contour waistband, so alterations don't bear thinking about. The top-stitching on the centre front seam, hasn't been a total success either - it makes the seam stick out from the body, which just makes matters worse. Despite all that, I still wear it.

Day 3 of Me Made May. We've had what seems to be the world's longest summer - it was still up in the mid 20s until yesterday - but there was a bit of a chill in the air overnight.  I doubt this cotton voile top will make another appearance this month.

Top - Happy Homemade Vol. 1 Blouse E. Pre-blog make. Cotton voile.
Pants - Self Drafted.  Pre-blog make. Cotton.

Both outfits worn with a necklace that one student told me looked like butter menthols. So forever after, it's been the butter menthol necklace.


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