MBM - Kwik Sew 2175 - the dreaded Onesie

In the last few months, surely the world's most ridiculous garment, the Onesie, has become ubiquitous around these parts. (If you don't know what a Onesie is, think baby romper on steroids. Worn by adults. Frequently in animal guises, with tails, ears etc. For adults. Not fancy dress. Yep, ridiculous).

So the Onesie has been the topic of frequent conversations lately between myself and the resident teenagers . The teenagers have worked hard to convince me of the general awesomeness of the Onesie. I scoff. Of course, the point of these conversations is to point out to  me that the purchase of a Onesie each would be a sane decision. My reply has been thus:
1) for a start, seeing as they seem to spend all winter in shorts and t-shirts, they do not seem to need warm clothing. Therefore there is no point in having a Onesie in their wardrobe.
2) they look ridiculous, because
3) they are ridiculous.

However. As they say, events conspired.

Firstly, my daughter was invited to a birthday party which involved breakfast at a local café, dressed in pyjamas. Seeing as our mornings have been chilly lately, I have to admit that in this particular situation, the idea of  a Onesie had some merit. Then I promptly forgot about it until...
The next day, I was sifting through the patterns at the Salvation Army store when I found this:

Kwik Sew 2175, from 1992. Jumpsuits were the bomb back then. The pattern cost only 25cents. It leapt into my basket, and I brought it home. I had no intention of making this at this stage, though.
In the mail when I got home that day was a 20% off voucher from Spotlight. It was only then that the obvious plan coalesced in my brain. Some strange force over which I had no control overpowered my larynx. I found myself saying to my daughter "Would you like me to make you a Onesie for the party?"
Seriously, my daughter had to go out in public, in the cold, and she had nothing warm to wear. What would any mother do?

Anyway, the answer was a gleeful "yes".

As there was no time for a joint shopping trip, I went shopping alone with the following instructions: no pink, purple, neons, pastels or ducks, frogs, cats, teddies etc. While animals were out, animal prints were acceptable. Luckily, because after all the above had been eliminated this zebra print really was the only alternative at the local Spotlight. But I drew the line at adding a tail.
And so, this is the daughter, in all her Onesied glory, off to her birthday party.

(The daughter put an embargo on her face for the these blog shots. I wonder why??? No shoes either - see, she feel no cold. And the Dachshund always presents his best side at the camera).

This was a quick make, made even quicker by my determination to get this over and done with as fast as possible. Unpicking seams was nigh on impossible, as I found out early in the piece, when I inserted the zipper unevenly. After that, any dodgy sewing stayed dodgy. Not my finest sewing hour. And that shaggy polyester fabric shed fluff all over me and  spread from one end of the sewing room to the other. Argghhh!!

The most galling thing is that joy and appreciation I received from my daughter for making this hideous garment has far outstripped her reaction to anything else I have made her to date. Wouldn't you know it? And having seen my daughter's Onesie, my son has indicated he wouldn't mind if I made him a Onesie too. And seeing as I haven't made him anything since he was 18 months old, how can I so no?

Even my husband has taken an interest in the cosy properties of the Onesie.

Our house is destined to become the House that Taste Forgot.

I realise that the wearing of the Onesie is a polarising issue. Some abhor them, some adore them. Whose side are you on?


  1. that is so funny, I have never worn one, never want to, but my husband wears overalls for work and love to wear them all weekend as well :)

    1. Oh no! He is in dire danger of Onesie love, given his current form with overalls!:) Be on guard!

  2. Your comments were really funny. I literally laughed out loud. Maybe your cute dog will want one of these too. It does look good on her in the photo.

    1. Don't worry the teenagers have already pointed out that a dog Onesie would be the best idea ever. No way. I just have to draw the line somewhere!

  3. Very funny blog post. I think the onesie would have to be the most ridiculous item of clothing ever (unless it is for a baby or toddler). Good on you for going against your better judgement in order to make your daughter happy. And great to see she loved it.

    1. Yes, you do things you never imagine you would EVER do when you are a mother!

  4. dedication of a high order. I love it!

  5. He he.
    Do. Not. Let. My. Daughter. Read. This. Post.

  6. Onesies are amazing! Then again I am a teenager! I have a pink one and it is so comfortable and warm. Mine is closed with snaps at the front instead of a zip though.

    1. I've just made my 15 year old son a onesie, and he loves them too. And his friends are jealous. Photos on the blog soon.
      Thanks for commenting!:)


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